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Educational institutions need reliable network management, cybersecurity, data backup and recovery, and technology integration to fulfill a fully equipped security ecosystem. Let us help monitor and support your systems so you can get back to your work stress-free.

Real Tech support tailored to your needs to ensure saftey for all Teachers & Staff.

Secured Learning

We understand the level of security that an educational institution needs. Our cameras provide grades K-12 the reassurance that students, teachers, and staff are safe. Our camera systems provide gun detection, facial recognition, visitor management, vape detection, and more features that safeguard your building and everyone in it.

Entrance Monitoring

Our door access products prevent unauthorized personal access to certain areas. Protecting classrooms from unwanted intruders and limiting access to heavy machinery or equipment that may cause harm to young students. Our products have a lock down feature that secures children by preventing an active shooter from accessing classrooms.

Intercom Technology

Intercoms serve as a tool for broadcasting emergency announcements such as lockdowns and threats, health and injury, or climate complications such as tornado warnings. Intercoms enhance safety communication and efficiency, overall benefiting students and staff.

How Does Top-Notch School Security Fuel Confidence and Learning?

We trust that when kids feel safe, they can thrive, learn, and grow into confident, empowered individuals. Schools are more than just a classroom, they are sanctuaries that allow children to enhance their skills, become independent, think creatively, and overall blossom; emotionally and academically. When schools invest in security solutions, they are creating a safe haven for students, staff, and parents.

Parents send their kids to school having mixed emotions. According to Gallup News article “Parent, Student School Safety Concerns Elevated” By Megan Brenan, 44% of K-12 parents are concerned about their child’s safety at school; a 10% increase from just 2 years prior.


Cybersecurity is crucial for educational institutions because education relies on digital resources including computers, servers, and network infrastructure. Cybersecurity safeguards these resources from compromise or damage. We offer security awareness training that educates school staff to stay alert to potential cyber threats.

Security and Backup Management

Disruptions to educational services can have a significant impact on students, teachers, and staff. Backup systems and disaster recovery plans help ensure that educational operations can progress even in the event of data loss or system failures.


Continuous 24/7 advanced performance monitoring by Realnets helps educational institutions maintain operational efficiency, security, and scalability while ensuring a seamless and reliable technology environment for everyone.

A Secure School Environment

A secure school environment brews confidence, and confident students are more likely to excel. By prioritizing security, schools demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of their students. This nurturing environment fosters trust between students, teachers, parents, and the school community.

Peaceful students stem from a peaceful environment. Students who feel secure can concentrate better, retain more information, and perform at their best. 

Throughout the recent years, security in schools has become more common. According to the “National Center for Education Statistics” saftey and security measures have increased a significant amount.

At Realnets, we understand that good security in schools is about more than just alarms and cameras. It’s about nurturing emotions, building confidence, and enabling children to thrive. We want to contribute to the saftey of tomorrow’s leaders.

Realnets is here to help K-12 schools with Real  Tech Support. We tailor technology solutions to fit your needs to ensure safety for all teachers and staff.

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Education IT Specialists

Our team has the knowledge and strategies needed to keep your students, teachers and staff protected.

  • Structured Cabling
    Supports higher data speeds and emerging technologies, ensuring institutions stay up-to-date.
  • Audio / Visual 
    Assists teachers in conveying information effectively and engaging students.
  • Network Monitoring & Support
    Revamp an existing network & keep it running properly.
  • Data Center Operations
    Keep your data in a secure & compliant environment.
  • Virtualization Services
    Create a more flexible network that’s ready to grow with you.
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting
    A cost-effective way to protect the security & integrity of your communications environment.
  • Environmental Monitoring
    Monitoring factors such as air quality, temperature, and humidity helps ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • Internet
    Educational institutions require high-speed and reliable internet access for a large number of users.
  • E-Rate
    Is your educational institution looking for affordable access to technology? Check out our guide to this federal initiative that helps schools and libraries with telecommunications and internet services!

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I’m delighted with their excemptional work quality, and feel my school is very safe due to their services.

Karen Booth

Principal, St. Emily School

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