We partnered with Kisi because they are committed to protecting educational institutions. Kisi is an innovator in the technology space and has made security possible at the touch of a button. Kisi offers remote access control that can be accessed by students and staff.

Kisi’s remote control app features:

  • Place Lockdown
  • Detect Intrusion
  • Add new users
  • Manage existing users
  • Manage access links
  • View web dashboard


Place Lockdown

This access control solution integrates with badge readers, security cameras or school safety platforms. In case of emergency, Kisi has enabled a Place Lockdown feature that any authorized user can activate to ensure safety for everyone in the educational institution.

The National Center for Education Statisitcs (NCES) and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) collaborated on the “Report on Indicators of School Crime and Saftey” – a comprehensive annual publication. Kisi has provided some of their findings:

  • In 2020, students aged 12-18 experienced 285,400 vicitmizations at school – in every 1000 students, 11 were victimized.
  • In 2020-21, there were 93 school shootings with casualties, the highest number since 2000-01.
  • Almost 3% of students in grades 9-12 reported carrying a weapon on school property at least one day during the previous 30 days in 2019. In comparison, 7.4% reported being threatened or injured with a weapon on school property at least one time during the last year.
  • 21.8% of students in grades 9-12 reported that illegal drugs were made available on school property during the previous 12 months.

It is crucial to strike a balance between creating a secure enviornment and maintaining an open and nurturing learning enviornment. Schools should aim to provide saftey and protection without making students feel restricted or anxious.

Kisi’s access control system also gives the ability to evolve from physical keys to keyless entry access control system. Physcial keys can be easily lost or stolen, keyless entry access control systems are easy to use, increase security and convenience.

To continue reading more statistics on School Crime and Saftey, please visit kisi-school-safety-stats.pdf (getkisi.com)

Detect Intrusion

Kisi has an intrusion detection system that monitors unauthorized entries and also offers a streamline security operations planner. This planner allows authorized users to schedule doors to open or lock 24/7, giving the authorized users full control of their institutions. Our team at Realnets has experience in the education industry and want to provide assistance in every way we can.

How Realnets can help your educational facility:

Expertise and Support:

  • Realnets provides your business with expertise in the Kisi products needed to fully secure your educational institute. Realnets manages complex technology solutions, we can take care of your day-to-day IT needs, maintance, and support.


  • Our installations team is fully equipped to install and maintain systems that secure your educational institute. Realnets can build your integrated systems and provide on-site construction support.
  • Realnets can integrate Kisi with other security systems like video cameras. The integrations will enhance overall security effectiveness.

Ongoing monitoring:

  • Our ongoing monitoring ensures that students, teachers and staff have access to 24/7 assitance when encountering a technology issue.
  • Educational institutes are prime targets for cyber threats because of sensitive information they hold. Realnets can help with firewall setup, intrusion detection, malware protection, and security awareness training for staff and students.

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