What are Intercom Systems?

These systems are advanced communication devices that enable real-time audio and visual communication between different areas or different individuals. Intercom systems are built with a combination of audio speakers, microphones, and video cameras.

Enhancing Communication and Security for Businesses

A powerful solution that addresses effective communication and high-level security. Communication and security are essential for a successful and safe organization. Intercom communication systems ensure a safe and secure environment for employees and assets.

What Industries Benefit The Most From Intercom Systems?


  • Provide instant, real-time, and two-way intercom communication between different areas of the office. Intercom systems allow the workplace to operate smoothly and conveniently because employees can easily connect with each other, along with management staff and other departments.

Educational institutes

  • Detrimental for emergency announcements to be heard by everyone in the premises. Intercom systems allow for the immediate sharing of important information like emergency announcements, safety protocols, or evacuation instructions.

Healthcare Facilities

  • Often used to spread information loudly to those around the area, but they are also used to keep things private. Intercom systems can be used for privacy and confidentiality for sensitive discussions which offer a private means of communication. This is especially useful in healthcare facilities when you want to keep a conversation with a patient confidential.


  • Can be easily integrated into other systems such as security and surveillance cameras and access control systems. Having an intercom system in a manufacturing facility allows for great communication throughout the entire area and improves productivity.

Residential Building

  • Easy to use and has very few controls to be learned. These systems make it easier and safer for property managers to communicate with residents or for residents to allow access for guests to enter the building.
NEW Technology!


Advancements in technology have brought significant improvements to intercom systems making them more versatile and highly valuable for various industries.

No more tangled wires and limited reach! Our modern intercom partners have removed themselves from the traditional wired connections to wireless technology. Intercoms with wireless technology are easy to install and lower your costs of construction because you don’t need to add wiring in the building!

Video Intercom


Every entry gets your eyes and ears! Our partner ButterflyMX offers video intercom systems that introduces video and voice to enhance security and communication. Video intercoms are extremely convienent, easy to use, and apply an extra layer of security whether you are a property owner or a tenant!

Mobile Apps!

Systems are evolving and it is important for your business to keep up the pace! Out intercom partners offer innovative systems that are controlled remotely by mobile applications. At the touch of a button, you can allow entry and answer the door bell all while being in a different location.

Why does your business need intercom systems?

Effective communication:

  • Eliminates unreliable ways of communication like phone calls or in-person messages. Intercom systems provide businesses with reliable and instant intercom communication, allowing you to connect wherever and whenever.


  • Businesses need to be kept safe and secure along with everyone inside of them. This allows you to restrict certain areas that only authorized users can access. You can integrate intercom systems into your access control systems to add another layer of security.

Emergency Response:

  • During any emergency or critical situations, your business will be able to send out emergency broadcasts to send out vital information to everyone on the premises. Your business can integrate these systems into your other emergency systems like fire alarms. Keep the well-being of your employees safe!

Visitor Management:

  • Your organization can grant or deny access to visitors by verifying their identity through intercom systems. This increases security and convenience.

This technology is crucial for businesses that want to improve communication, security, reliability, and safety for their workforce and assets. Our team at Realnets specializes in intercom solutions. We tailor intercom solutions to meet the needs of businesses in various industries.

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