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What is PropTech?

Let’s start with the word itself; PropTech. The word PropTech is an industry term that describes property technology. Property Tech services focus on anyone who owns a building.

Examples of those who benefit from enhancing their Property Tech:

  • Multi-tenant buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • & more!

If you have a building you must consider implementing property technology to improve the property’s functionality. PropTech is a group of services that will make your building safer and more efficient!

The word PropTech is surging and many people may have different definitions for it. To us at Realnets, we see property technology as a way to help business owners get more from their businesses. PropTech by Realnets means environmental sensors for your building, CCTV cameras, and door access, to secure the premises at any time and, intercoms to give tenants an easier and safer way to communicate with their guests.

Property Tech Core Elements

PropTech Deep Dive

The reason property technology has emerged as a grouping of products is because of the integrations that they possess. If you use one company to enhance your property it will become much easier to integrate each product to get the most of each service. In order to do this it takes a lot of planning and understanding of how each service integrates with the next.

Step 1: Design

The 1st step is the design process, in this step we look at the overall objective for your property to better understand what future proofing will look like. Future proofing does not mean that you need to implement services right away but it does mean that you have a path forward of what you want your property to look like in the future. This step helps us understand what your integrations will look like so we can decide on the correct vendor list for you.

Step 2: Plan

The second step is the foundation. Now that we have the planning out of the way it’s time put it in action. We offer many property technology services ranging from Door Access to A/V to End User Support. Please feel to look ahead for more info on each of these services.

Step 3: Maintain

The third step is protection. Our goal is to make the cost of Property Technology predictable. To do this we offer agreements to our clients to provide monitoring and maintenance to increase longevity of your investments. We also offer consistency to a complex product even in times of change. We are proud to be the go-to for companies in this space.

Proptech™ offers rooftop to basement tech enhancements that protect your investment.

Proptech™ offers rooftop to basement tech enhancements that protect your investment.

Structured Cabling

In technology today we have approached a high standard for speed. As such it’s not always possible to achieve the capabilities we desire with wireless solutions. In most situations, telecommunications wire is necessary for day-to-day operations to proceed seamlessly.  This is where Structured Cabling enters the conversation. Structured cabling is the building-out of cabling infrastructure in a building. More specifically this is the backbone for your networking within a building or it could be the cabling in your walls for Door Access, CCTV, environmental monitors, Intercoms, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), A/V Systems, and even the internet wall ports in your office. The reach of structured cabling is vast. Allow Realnets to be your guide into the world of Structured Cabling.


Our team at Realnets utilizes industry leading CCTV manufacturers. We are committed to providing your business with the tools to be safe and secured. We offer tailored security camera solutions to best fit your line of business. We have experience in industries like: Manufacturing, Public Sector, Education, Non-Profit, Healthcare, Aviation and Hospitality.


At Realnets we provide intercoms that strengthen security, advance convenience and ensure effective communication. The intercom systems we provide have advancements in technology, authorized users can access using a mobile phone or for video intercoms you may use your face or voice to gain access. Our intercoms are especially useful for office buildings, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, residential buildings, and tenants.

Integrated Security Systems


Our installations team is a group of highly trained and experienced experts. Our installations team at Realnets makes sure our clients know how to use all of the capabilities of their products and have an overall good understanding of how it works. Our teams at Realnets want to share knowledge but also want our clients to know we are there for you with our 24/7 emergency services.

Door Access

Door Access also referred to as Access Control (ACS) is the control of access in and out of areas of a building. ACS is much more common today then it was 5 years ago due to advancements in technology.  No more stumbling through your things, the day of the keycard is over. Implementing door access with Realnets is incredibly useful in these industries: Laboratories, Educational Facilities, Municipalities, Aviation, Manufacturing, Small Businesses, Multi-Tenant Housing, and more. Being able to share and deny access to users is important when operating with critical information and data.

Environmental Monitoring

Have control over your property’s HVAC systems, water leaks, climate controls, data centers & more! Realnets can help you find the best monitoring solution for your property, avoiding risks and getting on top of the problem before it escalates.

Audiovisual Services

Audio Visual (A/V) systems can be the cornerstone of a complex space. With the availability of technology it is starting to be more commonly referred to as smart homes technology. We use A/V systems in Restaurants to control TV from a centralized location or in conference rooms to present to an audience. A/V is even used in event spaces such as theaters and music venues, or even something more serious such as a court room. Regardless of where you are the larger the A/V system the more likely you will need an expert in the space. Realnets is here to help you!

Riser Management

Telecommunications systems used to be less vital to our day to day operations. The extent to which they were use were more related or focused on phone calls and faxes.  Telecommunications has become much more advanced in what we use them for. Internet has become the cornerstone to how many companies operate. As buildings have become larger the management of the riser has become more vital to maintain than ever. It has never been more important to make sure you have a partner that will look out for your best interests to keep tenants happy and to keep reviews at 5 stars. Realnets is that partner you are looking for!


What a broad topic! You can consider Realnets as your expert to the internet. We are here to help provide bulk services to your tenant as an amenity or to provide your building with common area Wi-Fi access. If you are looking for less traditional methods we can provide outside the box options to inherit internet services from local buildings that have line of site for over-the-air access for internet services. Our goal is to increase service quality but decrease cost. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your internet needs.

End User Support Services

The services you offer to your clients/tenants don’t really matter if their experience is not a positive one. With the number of options available in the market, it has never been more important to make sure you maintain a positive review status with the public. If you don’t have easy access to customer service this can take a downturn very quickly. Allow us to help you in this space with our amazing End User Support Services.  We will maintain your good name and in the situations where it might need repair we can help there too. Contact Realnets for your customer support needs!

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