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Enterprise Server Virtualization Solutions

Whether you are searching for a way to reduce your server footprint or bring your business up to date on current technology, virtualization can be a great solution. No matter what your budget is, our team helps you make the right decisions based on cost, performance, and support needs. Contact Realnets today to get started. 

Hypervisor Infographic

Our Virtualization Consulting and Design Process

In order to plan your company’s virtual environment, we need to understand your business. We assess your current systems and work with you to determine what software and hardware will work best. We’ll also walk you through which storage and security solutions meet your needs and budget.


Virtualization Gives You Around-the-Clock Peace of Mind

24/7 network server monitoring and control means having minimal IT failure, optimal network performance, for ultimate reliability.

  • OS & 3rd party patch management
  • Host tuning/server optimization
  • License & asset management
  • Management of anti-virus solution
  • Management of backups
  • Preventive maintenance performed outside of work hours
  • Management of standard audit requirements

    Virtualization Deployment

    A properly-deployed solution is important for a stable, scalable networking environment that will last for years to come. Our experts will install and configure your virtual environment with careful consideration for the critical factors that mean the most to your organization. Deploy the server, network, desktop, application and storage solutions that will support faster, sustainable, and efficient IT systems.

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