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Riser Management  

Elevate Your Property’s Efficiency!

At Realnets, we specialize in innovative riser management solutions. Let us help you in optimizing the performance of your business IT infrastructure. We help with edge networking, access networking, core networking, power management, and more! 


Realtime Optimization

Benefiter of Riser Management

 Property Owners

Cost Saving

Our services help you avoid costly emergency repairs by identifying and addressing issues before they escalate, also releasing you of any stress knowing you have a team of experts supporting your building.


Ensure your property complies with local regulations and safety standards.

Property Value

Being proactive with riser management significantly enhances the overall value of your property. This service can make your building more attractive to potential buyers, investors, and/or tenants.

Property Managers

Daily Operations

Simplify the day-to-day management which allows property managers to focus on tenant satisfaction and property enhancements.

Tenant Retention

Create uninterrupted utility services leaving tenants happy and likely to extend their stay.

Riser Management for Tenants


This service often includes communication channels that provide tenants with information about maintenance schedules, utilities, and upcoming construction/work.


Improved riser management enhances safety standards, creating a secure living environment for tenants. 


Our process combines technology and a team of experts to deliver our services:

  • Dark Fiber
  • Edge Networking
  • Access Networking
  • Monitoring
  • Power Management
  • Coper Infrastructure
  • Core Networking
  • Riser Closet Control
  • ISP Management
  • Documentation Management


Connect with Realnets for reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your building/business. We want to help you elevate your property’s efficiency while ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of your tenants.

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