Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Cloud backups are a great start, but aren’t enough to protect all your information. While cloud backups do provide a copy of your data in a secure off-site location, it doesn’t protect all of your systems. Your business needs a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Have you already lost data?
You may want to look into Data Recovery.

What Sets a Full Disaster Recovery Plan Apart from “Backup-only” Approaches

Our cloud-based backup captures data and records it so it can be restored completely, but it also allows for rapid retrieval of individual files and directories through multiple recovery points. This means your team will have quick access to what they need without having to wait for all files to be restored first. Plus, we’ll be there with you the whole way to get you up and running as soon as possible. 

  • Rapid recovery of full applications, individual files, and even entire data centers
  • Access to a team of experienced experts to guide you through the recovery process in the event of a disaster
  • Protection of your business’ reputation and customer trust
  • Reliable support in the case of failure, accidents, or outside threats

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