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Door Access Control Systems

What is Door Access Control?

These control systems provide managing and monitoring access to a building or specific area. This allows you to restrict access or allow admission to specific people. Door access control systems add the security and convenience of having authorized users get in the door using a keyless entry such ass using a key card, phone, key fob, or the use of biometric identification; while still restricting access to unauthorized users. This system allows you to enhance the security of your building or room, giving you the peace of mind that you know only the people you trust have admission to those areas.

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Imagine an Access Control System so simple you can update it on the fly. Give temporary workers keyless access to a floor for a day or revoke access immediately from your phone. Tired of creating replacement cards? All it takes to have access control is one simple phone app.


Not only does greater flexibility make life easier, but it also keeps your property more secure. One of the biggest vulnerabilities in any access system is trying to work around it. A door that needs to be propped open so that contractors can get their work done isn’t keeping anyone or anything safe.

Smarter Access Solutions for Enviornments Both Big and Small!

One solution that has been of great interest to schools and large institutions is event scheduling. This allows the creation of custom presets for a series of locks.

These types of presets make something like access to a school gym for a basketball game simple. Create the access settings once and apply these templates for reoccurring events.

Whether you’re looking for a solutions for a small office or a large university we have a range of products that will fit your needs and budget. 

IT Specialists Make the Best Security Specialist!

As an IT company, Realnets is in a unique position to assess your current IT infrastructure and your security needs to find the perfect door access solution. Our tech specialists may be able to integrate your door locks with your exisiting IT systems, which could end up saving you money. 

Our in-house developers can also offer limitless opportunities for customization. Want to sync your lock presents to your calendar? We can build it. Have a specific issue you need addressed? We’ll help you find a solution. Realnets has your back!

Where should I use Door Access Control?

Can be installed on any door in any building it’s just a matter of how much effort you are looking to spend.  Typically door access is used to restrict access or allow admission to an area of a building or a building itself.

Use cases where this system shines:

Front Doors: Typically, this is established with an intercom however if you don’t want the bulk of an intercom a simple reader or even reader-less system can be installed on your front door for a cleaner look.

Store Room Doors: If you start to notice an issue with supplies disappearing maybe it’s time to think about control access to that room. This system prevents access to places and it also keeps an active log of who has accessed that area to keep a passive eye on an area.

Elevators: You can allow admission or restrict access to certain floors in a building, this improves safety and security because you can track and monitor authorized and unauthorized users.

Tenant Doors: This creates a better experience for your tenants because only those who live in the building have admission to go into the building. This enhances the security of all tenants in a multi-tenant property.

Commercial Doors: These doors are used in schools, office buildings, stores, hospitals, and manufacturing industries; all these facilities have commercial doors that need a higher level of security. Doors are able to lock and restrict access to any unauthorized individuals or to everyone during certain times like holidays and after hours.

Gates: Entrance gates are used for residential properties, commercial properties, office buildings, and public buildings; adding a control system to these gates allows you to limit access to the property, prevent trespassers, monitor the gate to get a record of who is going in and who is coming out. 

Industries where door access excels:

Laboratories need to have complete control of those entering and exiting because they are exposed to hazardous chemicals and critical information should only be accessed by authorized users. In this industry, these facilities need to protect their data and assets.

Educational Facilities have been affected by nonauthorized users entering the facility and endangering the lives of others. Monitor and track those coming into your building; use the unique “place lockdown” feature that authorized users can access and activate in case of emergency. The education industry needs to provide safety to all students, teachers, and staff members.

Municipalities are responsible for keeping employees and private and public documents safe. All towns, cities, and villages need to be able to track who has authorized access to certain parts of the building and have the ability to tailor these accesses to avoid threats from a terminated employee. Municipalities need to have regulations over who has access to their critical documents.

Aviation requires enhanced security and needs to keep track of everyone entering and exiting the airport in case of suspicion or emergency. The aviation industry can reduce the risk of unauthorized users breaking the law or attempting to endanger the lives of others.

Manufacturing has a lot of regulations that have to be enforced in order to continue to produce their products. Door access control systems allow you to have control over who has access when entering a regulated area to avoid risks like theft and injury.

Small Businesses face different challenges than bigger organizations, one of them is having a smaller budget and not investing in security. Saves small businesses money because an employee loses or forgets their key, risk of theft internally and externally, and emergency.

Multi-Tenant Housing has many tenants, guests, and visitors entering and exiting the area, allows people to enter the building conveniently while keeping the rest of the building secured. Building security can manage access to ensure the safety of the people in the building. 



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(Vandalism prevention, theft and other unlawful actions)

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(Tech maintenance, compliance, and security)

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