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Step 1

The Problem

Step 2

The Engineering

Step 3

The Installation

Step 4

The Configuration

Step 5

The Maintenance

Step 1

The Problem

In today’s dynamic world, the challenge of ensuring security and mitigating risks is more pronounced than ever. The problem lies in the vulnerability of open access points, where unauthorized individuals can compromise the safety of commercial properties and multi-tenant complexes. Traditional lock and key systems fall short in providing the level of control and accountability needed in these enviornments.

The risk of unauthorized key duplicates poses a significant threat, undermining the integrity of security measures. Without access control systems, theres a lack of tailored entry permissions, making it challenging to regulate who enters specific areas. If your business does not have detailed audit trails, then it becomes difficult to trace access history and address security incidents promptly.

Realnets recognizes these challenges as the problem that needs a transformative solution – access control systems.

Problems with Theft, Safety Concerns and/or Unusual Activity?

Consider implementing a ACS system from Realnets.

The reality is, in a multi-tenant building and/or a commercial property, packages can be stolen, physical keys can be easily duped, and violent activity can occur in all areas – at any time. Commercial spaces face similar concerns because these buildings are often targets for theft due to valuable assets, equipment, and confidential information. 

Experiencing any of these concerns within a multi-tenant or commercial building can be deeply distressing for individuals. The violation of personal or professional space, coupled with the loss of valuable belongings, destroys the sense of security and trust. 

The best way to restore confidence in the safety of an individuals assests in a multi-tenant/commercial building is by implementing door access control to tackle the issues head-on. Property management will gain the ability to restrict unauthorized access to the building. Each approved personnel is provided with a unique access credential, ensuring that only they can enter the area which minimizes the opportunity for theft and other suspicious activity.

Step 2

Engineering & Planning Process

Our Team Crafts a Comprehensive Engineering Plan Tailored to Your Needs.


Access Control can be an incredibly intimidating topic due to the number of unknowns in a system. Once we have a firm understanding of your problem we can provide branded suggestions based on the features, cost, and scale of your project. From cloud-based access control to key fob systems, we engineer solutions that transform your security infrastructure.


Once we have a vendor selected for your Access Control System, it’s time to make an assessment of your property. From analyzing paths of egress to customized door profiles, our team will ensure your property is safe and secure. Realnets introduces cutting-edge access control systems. Our engineering process is designed to seamlessly integrate these solutions into your new or existing setup.


Now that we have defined our Control system and our door access we need them to communicate. To do that we need to run wire throughout your building. There are some solutions that allow for a wireless connection but with every perk comes a drawback. We understand that this is the portion of the job that people have the most questions about and we are prepared to answer those questions. We can tailor a customized installation plan for your ACS to reduce the amount of distribution to your day to day operations.

Step 3


All you need is power and internet, we can handle the rest.

Our certified technicians handle the installation process with precision and expertise. Whether it’s wiring, mounting card readers, or configuring door controllers, we ensure that every step is executed to surpase industry standards.

We understand that empowering our client is key to the success of any security system. As part of our installation process, we provide comprehensive training sessions for your staff. This includes hands-on instruction on system operation, user credential management, and understanding access logs.

Our training highlights the essential aspects such as wire management on the ACS, emphasizing safety protocols and guiding on the appropriate attire for interactions with the system.

We believe in empowering your teams with knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a clean and efficient ACS setup.

Understand all of the door access components!

Step 4

Set Up & Configuration

Let’s Get Set Up!

Now that your access control system is installed, lets get into the step that keeps your system alive forever.

Door access control systems usually have a high life expectancy, the reason many access control systems encounter failures during onboarding is due to inadequate training processes. We understand that training is the underlying factor of how successful your ACS deployment will be. We also understand the role of customization and how every business is different and requires unique solutions.

Custom Set Ups!

Did you just let go of an employee and want to revoke their permissions? Do you want to track unlock events and get a closer eye on who is coming and going? What ever you may need we have a solution and set up for it!

The effectiveness of your system highly depends on training and proper knowledge. We empower you to define user access levels, specifiy entry points, and integrate with other systems. This ensures your ACS aligns perfectly with your enviornment.

Curious to see if ACS would benefit your situation? Check out our highly favorible usecases!

Step 5

Keep Your System Secured and Maintained

A common misconception is that ACS failures occur due to system malfunctions, instead, the main reason for failures is often external factors such as vandalism.

We often emphasize the resilience of our ACS solutions while also providing insights and strategies to mitigate the risks associated with vandalism. By understanding the root causes of potential issues, we empower our clients to maintain a secure and durable door access system.

Our maintenance program not only focuses on troubleshooting but also on proactive measures that allow you to connect with our emergency services when vandalism or other external challenges occur so that we have your premise covered.

ACS is designed to withstand harsh enviornments and continue to operate seamlessly with regular usuage.

Differences in a Home Depot Door Lock and an ACS

A normal lock you get from home depot serves it’s purpose of a traditional lock, and traditional locks rely on keys for access, and the security is based on the control of physical keys. If someone has a key, they can gain entry.

An access control system on the other hand, is more advanced and comprehensive approach to security. ACS uses electric means, such as key cards, fobs, biometric identifiers, or PIN codes, to control and monitor access.

Access control systems are especially valuable for businesses and larger facilities where the need for controlled access monitoring and flexibility in managing security is critical.

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