The IT Unicorn doesn’t exist,

But We Do.
Get Managed by Realnets™

The IT unicorn, often sought after and seldom found.
That jack of all trades, master of all, a good listener, a strong communicator, available 24/7, and miraculously smells like fresh laundry even after spending lunch hour at the gym without a shower.

There’s still a way to live the dream with a

Real team at a realistic cost.

The benefits of
IT Managed Services.

A growing organization has a broad range of challenges for a small team or even a single person to tackle. It’s nearly impossible for an employee, no matter how talented, to meet all your needs. While your hiring ability might be able to cover one area, you may be vulnerable in other extremely costly ways.

That’s where we come in.

We handle security, networking, data protection and user support for a single, predictable price.

  • Limit your unexpected IT expenses
  • Keep focused on your work & not tech frustrations
  • Safeguard your IT investment with a team of experts
  • Stay up to date with the most current industry practices
  • Reduce network downtime & other IT failures

24/7 Advanced Performance Monitoring

Around-the-clock monitoring service ensures all of your critical network devices are functioning reliably.

Preventative Maintenance & Network

Never forget about important tech maintenance routines & get easy to understand reporting every month.

Realtime Optimization

Keep your infrastructure optimized. Critical issues are identified, reported, & resolved immediately with our enterprise-level technology.

Security & Backup Management

Protect your buisiness. Keep your environment secure & protected through industry best-practices.

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