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As a matter of risk management, it is vital for your organization to be able to protect itself by establishing clear policies on data security, personal internet and email use, software and hardware inventory, data retention, and more.

Policies for Lasting Security & Productivity:

  • IT Organization & Implementation
    Procedures for who is responsible for employee technical support and how technology will be used.
  • Network Setup
    Documentation of your network infrastructure and the procedures for its maintenance and monitoring.
  • Use of Technology
    Policies for the use, or misuse, of phones, computers, internet, email, and other company technology.
  • IT Security
    Define levels of access to the network, passwords, virus protection, data usage, confidentiality, and more.
  • Backup & Disaster Retrieval
    Procedures for data backup, as well as emergency retrieval of vital data in the event of a disaster.
  • IT Monitoring & Inventory
    Keep track of license/copyright compliance and ensure hardware inventory levels are properly maintained.
  • Quality of Technology
    Technology standards, including the best software, hardware, and other systems to implement to meet your needs.


We work with your organization to develop and implement IT policies and help you update your business policies as needed.

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