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As a local business, we rely on non-profits to take care of the communities we live and work in. We can’t think of anything we’d rather do than turn the tables and help take care of your organization by finding you the right solutions (with all the available discounts).

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Our experts are well-acquainted with the proposal process and budget cycle. We provide you with thorough documentation that shows every hard-earned cent is accounted for and allocated through the right channels. This meticulous record keeping ensures that you’re able to provide accurate, key information to your stakeholders, as well as in presentations and proposals.


Smarter Spending
With our help, you can better determine what technical discounts and grants your organization qualifies for that fit within your nonprofit’s business IT services. Make sure you’re not spending those hard earned donations where you don’t have to!


All of your contacts, memberships, and donors are the very foundation of your organization, so protecting them is vital. We can help protect your data from cyber attacks and threats. Together we can determine the best way to leverage and improve your current security measures to meet all legal requirements, and more importanly, to maintain the communities trust.

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