Veeam is a leading provider of backup, recovery, and data management solutions for educational institutes and other organizations. Veeam offers several products and services that benefit educational institutes in managing their data and ensuring business continuity. 

Here are a few ways Veeam can be used in educational institutes:

  1. Data backup and Recovery: Educational institutes generate and store a significant amount of data, including student records, research data and administrative documents. Veeam’s data backup ensures documents are easily restored in case of disaster.
  2. Veeam offers VM (Virtual Machine) backup solutions that enable reliable backups for virtual machines.
  3. Veeam offers cloud data management which allows institutions to securely backup their data.

Here are statistics for education istitutes from Veeam:

  • Universities experience over 6 years of outages per year 
  • 64% of universities don’t test DR plans at least annually
  • 12% of universities have capacity planning reporting

Veeam has adpted to all of the changes throughout the year, like moving on to more hybrid envirnments. Veeam provides educational institutes with opportunities to stay productive by minimizing the risks of critical data being lost or hacked.

Why We Partnered With Veeam

Our team at Realnets is committed to enhancing the level of security of all educational institutes because we feel it is our duty to help build a secure and safe community. Realnets leverages Veeam’s tools to ensure availability, integrity, and security of critical data. Have an uninterrupted teaching year with the help of Realnets!

Benefits of Choosing Veeam Software from Realnets For Your Educational Institute:

Data Protection

  • Stay confident knowing your data is secured with multi layered security 
  • Recover any missing critical data
  • Protect your data anywhere

Advanced Features

  • Intelligent testing
  • Ransomware protection

Trusted Partner

  • Access to a team of experts
  • We are here for you 24/7
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