We partnered with Dormakaba because we stand with their powerful technology that protect our schools.

Dormakaba has experience in producing access control solutions for grades K-12. Dormakaba’s mode technology consists of:

  • Commercial motise locks & interchangeable core key systems
  • Electromagnetic locks & electric strikes
  • Door closers, exit devices, hinges & flat goods
  • Low energy operators
  • Interior glass systems
  • Modern fold operable partitions & accordion doors
  • Electronic controls & systems
  • Lockdown kit
  • Hollow metal doors and frames

As we continue to increase our technologies it is important that we watch our schools implement those modern technologies to ensure saftey for students, faculty, and staff everywhere! Dormakaba’s products fit any school layout size, with the help of Realnets, we can tailor IT solutions to fit your needs and property size. Our team at Realnets has experience in the education space and are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the security of the schools around us. Let us help!

Dormakaba products fulfilled the need that 16 colleges within the South Carolina Technical Education System needed. In today’s society, educational institutions have many concerns with making sure their premises are safe, have end-to-end security, are easily accessible and durable incase of emergencies. Greenville Technical College is one of the educational institues from the South Carolina Technical Education System and implemented doorways from Dormakaba that are both heavy duty and aesthetically pleasing.

Dormakaba provides innovative solutions to keep our education facilities safe. Realnets partnership with Dormakaba allows the industries we work with such as: education, manufacturing, public sector, healthcare, and nonprofit to create a strong security infrastructure.

To read more about Dormakaba’s work with South Carolina Technical Education System, please click here: dwn-greenville-technical-college-northwest-campus-en-data.pdf (dormakaba.com)

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