Did You Know Openpath is Rebranding?!

As a trusted Managed Service Provider, we take pride in bringing cutting-edge technology solutions to our clients. With great technology soultions comes great knowledge and communication between our partners. On June 29th our team at Realnets had a lunch and learn with Avigilon. During this lunch and learn we were given the breakdown of the rebranding and new products.

Ava + Openpath = Avigilon Security Suite

Avigilon is a company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of advance survalliance camera systems and video analytics solutions. Openpath is a company that specialized in access control solutions for modern workplaces. Ava Security also specialized in intelligent video security and analytics solutions. Motorola Solutions purchased both Openpath and Ava Security and has grown effectively because of the acqusition of these companies.

NEW Product Release!

Avigilon Security Suite

Avigilon has created and launched Avigilon Security Suite and it is a powerhouse. What are the best parts of the Avigilon Security Suite? Well, with Avigilon’s survelliance cameras, Openpath’s access controls, and Ava Security’s analytics solutions, it is hard to choose the best parts without listing all of them!

Below is a slideshow showcasing the main features that prove Avigilon Security Suite is a leader in the property technology space:

Access Control

Avigilon Security Suite has access control capabilities for secure entry management and building access. This industry leading technology allows for a powerful saftey net around authorized premises, keeping you and your company safe.

Video Management

Avigilons Security Suite’s video management feature allows authorized users to manage, view, and analyze video footage captured by surveillance cameras. This feature has complete situational awareness, cloud versatility, and is driven by AI.

Facial Recognition

Avigilon video surveillance cameras and software could detect and locate human faces within the captured video footage. This system can analyze and detect key features such as the shape of eyes, nose, mouth and other distictive features. These cameras can face match and populate the data base with authorized personnel, suspects and persons of interest.

These cameras can also be customized to find physical charateristics on people. For example, if you want to find someone wearing a red shirt, the system will find all of the persons wearing red shirts.

Now that is next level!

License Plate Recognition

This system can automatically detect and locate license plates in the video feed captured by surveillance cameras. Once a license plate is detected the systems uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read the characters on the plate.

This information is all processed and stored to allow authorized users to retrieve numbers from the license plate.

Object Tracking

Avigilon’s camera systems have the ability to detect people, objects and offer instant play back for authorized users that need to view a situation. Once an object is detected Avigilon’s camera systems track it’s movement across frams of video.

All of this tracking is Real-Time. This is live monitoring, which is extremely useful for security.

Heatmaps Analysis

Avigilons camera systems offer heatmap analysis that allow authorized users to view the popularity of spots that people walk across or gather within an area. The aggregated data is visually represented by a heatmap, where different colors of shades indicate the intesity or density of activity.

Areas with more activity appear in warm colors vs areas with less activity appear in cooler colors.

This rebranding brings so many benefits to industry’s such as Public Sector, Education, Manufacturing, Health Care and Non-Profit. Realnets has experience in all these industries, we can allow your business to create a saftey enviornment that is both easy to navigate and cost effective. 

This brand transition began in 2021 so although this news is not new, we at Realnets felt is was important to rely this information as transparently as possible in attempt to avoid confusion. Avigilon has written an article:  Avigilon Brand Transition & Product Offering FAQs soley to help companies understand their transition. 

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