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Today, Security is more important than ever before. Physical safety, valuable data, and merchandise all rely on the protection security systems provide, and Hanwha’s products provide businesses and organizations with unparalleled security, flexibility, and customization. 

Here at Realnets, we use Hanwha’s Wisenet WAVE video management system (VMS). Wisenet WAVE, combined with Hanwha’s comprehensive product line and Realnets’ IT and property technology expertise can enhance security in any industry. The user-friendly and incredibly fast platform can be easily accessed from your phone or laptop, allowing you to manage your site’s security remotely and while on the go. 

But don’t just take our word for how versatile Hanwha’s products are—check out these case studies to see how different organizations have benefitted from Hanwha security products. 

Why are we partners?

As a Hanwha partner we have recognized the value of property technology solutions for various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, education, and more. Our partnership with Hanwha brings out our expertise in tailored solutions to meet your business’s unique challenges and needs. We are committed in leveraging Hanwha’s products to fit your business’s infrastructure.

Benefits of choosing Realnets for Hanwha products:

  • Wide selection of products
    • We offer a wide selection of Hanwha’s property technology, giving your business the opportunity to choose the products that fit your specific needs.
  • Expert Support
    • 24/7 staff who can provide guidance and knowledge of products and assist on any technical issues your business may come across.
  • Installation
    • Our installations team is fully equipped to install and maintain any property technology on multi-residential buildings, office complexes, industrial facilities, and retail buildings.
  • Availability and fast delivery
    • We are a local business and maintain stock of Hanwha products.
  • Ongoing customer service and monitoring
    • We offer personalized customer service support that addresses any specific concern and provides recommendations for your needs.

Hanwha is known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Hanwha is continuing to grow because of its strategic partnerships. We partnered with Hanwha because we have similar goals in security and are always looking to expand our knowledge to evolve with the world’s newest technologies and solutions.

Contact Realnets for Your Security Needs

As a licensed alarm contractor in Chicago and Illinois with decades of experience in the IT space, Realnets is not only here to set up your new security system, but to assess how well it will integrate with your existing assets and IT infrastructure, ultimately improving your experience and lowering your total cost.

The Wisenet WAVE by Hanwha easily integrates with whatever operating system your organization uses, and its intuitive user interface and capabilities make upgrading your security system a breeze. But if you do get stuck, we’re here to help.

Realnets is proud to be a Hanwha Gold Partner, providing clients in the Chicagoland area with their outstanding products to create the ideal solution to security concerns. To learn more about how Hanwha products or discuss your organization’s security needs, contact Realnets today.

Hanwha Gold STEP Partner Warranty

Realnets is a Gold STEP Partner, the warranty of purchasing Hanwha products from a Gold STEP Partner has its advantages. The years on your warranty increases when you buy from a Gold STEP Partner, you are entitled to up to five (5) years warranty from the purchase date on NVR’s and IP camera purchases made after 3/1/17. 

Please refer to Hanwha’s website for warranty details. 


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