South Pittsburg High School’s principal, Tim Bible, was once a student of the school back in 1985. He recalls a day when an active shooter entered the school and shot a teacher. He says he will never forget that day and frequently thinks about the situation when he enters the school. He set out with a goal to assist authorities in shortening the amount of time it takes to respond to an incident. To do so, he moved to work with a system designed by Hanwha called ZeroEyes’.  The system is designed to identify threats before they become violet and can integrate with the systems existing security cameras. 

In this situation, the school needed an upgrade to its camera system initially so it set out to replace the cameras with Hanwha Techwin cameras as well as put the ZeroEyes’ system in place. The primary objective of ZeroEyes’ is to alert authorities directly before an incident occurs. In doing so, the ZeroEyes’ system can identify any firearm and send a video feed to ZeroEyes’ command center. Here are the steps the command center takes once they receive an alert. 

  1. Highly trained operators review the video feed to verify the credibility of the alert. 
  2. 911 is contacted for police dispatch. 
  3. The operator starts the process by messaging all members on the notify list. This includes the School Resource Officer and members such as the principal. 

The ZeroEyes AI weapons detection system has been openly accepted by law enforcement in this scenario. Everyone was impressed by the system’s accuracy in detecting simulated assailants and weapons systems due to the clarity of the Hanwha Techwin cameras. 

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