The safety of students and staff has never been more of a focal point for school districts across the country, and one district is turning to Hanwha for help. Putnam City School District began upgrading its surveillance technology in a total of 28 schools and 10 administrative facilities across 43 square miles utilizing about 1,500 Hanwha Techwin cameras. 

  • Cameras with a small footprint, like the PNM-9000, created a more welcoming school environment while improving visibility in busy areas.
  • Security should never be a compromise, and Hanwha’s vast selection of top-tier cameras allows the district to find the best solution for each school or building’s specific needs.
  • Hanwha’s advanced AI cameras can recognize faces, objects, and other attributes like bags and backpacks, greatly reducing the false alarms that once burdened security operations.

Ultimately, the improvements and upgrades to Hanwha’s products have made operations more efficient, increased the district’s situational awareness, and reduced on-site incidents. 

Mark Stout, the Chief of Police for the Putnam City School District, says, “Our response times are faster, our security procedures are more efficient, and we can allocate our resources more appropriately to match the unique needs of each school.”

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