Door Access Supported Industries


Labs must have complete control of those entering and exiting because they are exposed to hazardous chemicals and critical information should only be accessed by authorized users. In this industry, these facilities need to protect their data and assets.

Education Facilities

Schools have been affected by nonauthorized users entering the facility and endangering the lives of others. Monitor and track those coming into your building; use the unique “place lockdown” feature tha authorized users can access and activate in case of emergency. The education industry needs to provide safety to all students, teachers, and staff members.


Municipalities are responsible for keeping employees and private and public documents safe. All towns, cities, and villages need to be able to track who has authorized access to certain parts of the building and have the abilities to tailor these accesses to avoid threats from a terminated employee. Municipalities need to have regulations over who has access to their critical documents.


Aviation requires enhanced security and needs to keep track of everyone entering and exiting the airport in case of suspicion or emergency. The aviation industry can reduce the risk of unauthorized users breaking the law or attempting to endanger the lives of others. 


Manufacturing has a lot of regulations that have to be enforced in order to continue to produce their products. Door access control systems allow you to have control over who has access when entering a regulated area to avoid risks like theft and injury.

Small Businesses

Small businesses face different challenges than bigger organizations, one of them is having a smaller budget and not investing in security. ACS saves small businesses money because if an employee loses or forgets their key, risk of theft internally and externally. 

Multi-Tenant Housing

Multi-tenant housing has many tenants, guests, and visitors entering and exiting the area. ACS allows for people to enter the building conveniently while keeping the rest of the building secured. Building security can manage access to ensure the safety of the people in the building.

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