If your company is looking to target other businesses, but you’re not sure how to best use Facebook ads to your advantage, then these tips and strategies are for you.  Learn how to connect with prospects using the social media platform to reach B2B customers. Here’s how:

Target Specific Companies and Job Titles – Retargeting is a crucial step to securing your B2B leads through ad campaigns.  You probably already think you have a good idea of whom your target audience is, but with Facebook’s Audience Insights tool, you can tap into a whole new world, revealing even more specific details about your audience.  Most analytics tools only focus on basic follower demographics, like age, gender and location. With this new Insights tool, you can now gain a comprehensive view of users’ more personal statistics, like their relationship status, level of education, etc.  For B2B audiences, this is helpful because you can even look at things like a user’s job title and professional field with the Demographics tab to find out the percentage of followers you have based on their field or industry of interest. In other words, you can see what kinds of businesses primarily engage with your content and page so that you can compile a list of job titles that will deliver the highest level of engagement with your users.  Thus, you can create a specifically targeted Facebook audience.

Use Action-Oriented Ads – Once you’ve honed in on your specific B2B target audience, you must design visually appealing Facebook ads to draw attention.  But, B2B ads demand special attention, as the usual designs and graphics aren’t as effective with this group. Traditionally, B2C ads are more casual, light and airy, featuring pictures of people that are meant to entertain.  B2B ads, however, require more sophistication, as they’re purpose is to command authority and provide information. Visually, B2B ads work best with these three tactics:

  • The use of dark backgrounds with light text to evoke a sense of power
  • The use of sans-serif fonts, which are proven to perform better
  • The use of charts and/or graphics to generate a higher click-through rate

Of course, these visuals only work in conjunction with a well-crafted, thought-provoking message that drives your call to action.   

Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice – As with any campaign that you put out there, you must always keep your brand voice consistent across all platforms and content.  B2B brands can especially benefit from a consistent persona. So, once you’ve defined your voice, use it to respond to Facebook commenters.  This shows them that you’re not only listening to the conversation, but that your business wants to communicate with them on a personal level.  It humanizes a business, and that’s key to both B2C and B2B marketing. Remember, business customers want to know that they’re investing their time and money into a B2B that shares their same values, outlook and overall personality.  So, think carefully about the voice that you want your brand to inhibit.

Partner with Influencers – A great way to improve your B2B Facebook ad campaigns is to enlist the help of influencers and thought leaders.  We already know that influencer marketing can broaden your reach and credibility by introducing you and your products or services to an entirely new audience, and this strategy works just as well when it comes to marketing for businesses.  Plus, if you’ve teamed up with an influencer who is an established, trusted authority within a specific industry, then your results will be even more successful. In fact, this strategy is absolutely invaluable, as businesses want to see that well-known professionals and influencers that they already look up to are standing behind your brand.  

These simple tactics can help you improve your B2B Facebook ad campaign strategies.  Remember, reaching your target B2B audience is all about getting specific so that you can establish a trusting, authoritative, expert relationship with businesses that share your same values.