As a dentist, if your business does not have a large sign outside, or if it is not located on a busy road, no one will ever know it exists. Obviously, this can be a limiting factor, especially when you are opening a new practice. In order to gain more patients, dentists are now looking toward the marketing benefits of keyword targeting. Not only is this helping them be seen by the right audience, but it is also putting them a step above their competition.


Keep in Mind Keyword Analysis for Target Marketing is Very Important


You dont want to rush the process of keyword analysis. When you consider that your final list is essentially the lifeblood of your online marketing initiatives, it’s easy to understand why we say that this critical research step deserves your time and attention.


Target Users According to More Than Just Their Location


If your practice is using pay-per-click ads, for example, you want to know that every click you are paying for represents some value to your business. Obviously, they are not all going to convert into paying dental patients, but you don’t want every random Joe-Schmo clicking and running up your PPC bill. When you consider how many people live in your city, it becomes very clear that you’re going to need to target a bit more specifically than that. Your Realnets marketing expert may suggest targeting according to such factors as:

  • known interests of your audience
  • keywords that are performing well for your competitors
  • keywords that relate to your service (example: dentist in Chicago, Chicago pediatric dentist, etc)

Truly, the sky’s the limit, and the final list will vary from one dental practice to the next.


That Being Said, Geo-Targeting is Still a Must


The first place your clients are going to turn is the internet. In order to get a more accurate list of dental providers in their area, they will input their city and state. Some may even use their zip codes. This is why having geo-targeting keywords within your content is so beneficial. When a client searches for dental providers in Chicago, Illinois; they want dental providers in that area. They dont want to see dentists in New York City.

Along with several other very important SEO tactics, your keyword strategy can tell Google where to find your business (so that they can then tell your future patients).


Having More Aggressive Content


It’s not enough for your business to simply have a list of targeting keywords. You have to put them to use. When you work with our team, you’ll receive a number of keyword-related suggestions, such as:

  • strategically curated titles and topics for your blog content
  • thoughtfully-planned headings and subheadings to be used throughout your website
  • meta data that speaks to search engines in exactly the way you need

Clearly, search engine optimization is a very complicated process, and it involves much more than we have listed here. However, this should give you a good idea of how your keywords can work for you and help you slay the competition online.


It’s a fact that Google is the new “Yellow Pages”. Gone are the days of large, cumbersome paperback directories. If your business is going to be seen, you need to rank well with Google. Don’t let your dental practice fall by the wayside. Contact us to learn more about how a targeted keyword strategy can help your business thrive.