As an attorney, especially one who has an ownership stake in his or her firm, you are probably bombarded by daily “offers” from every vendor under the sun. Such examples might include an office cleaning service, a landscaper, a document destruction company, and yes – even an SEO agency. Companies see your profession as one with low overhead and high revenue, and that makes you the perfect target. You already know that, though, and that is the point. Dynamics like these, along with the disasters you witness firsthand on a daily basis, create skepticism and cynicism among attorneys. That doesn’t mean that you don’t actually need those services; you absolutely do. It’s a matter of being able to distinguish a good provider from a scam. Here is what you need to know before you sign that service agreement:

It’s best to work with an SEO company that can serve all of your computer-based needs.

This refers to such services as online marketing, social media management, pay-per-click advertising, network management, hosted pbx, data backup and security, web design, and so much more. Can you imagine what it would be like if you hired a separate agency for each of these areas of your business? Avoid the headache, and choose a provider that can take care of it all.

A reputable SEO company will offer transparency in everything they do.

If you ask a Realnets team member a question about your account, they will have an answer (or at least, be willing and able to find the answer for you in minutes). Not every firm can say the same. So, if you ask your SEO provider which keywords and phrases they are targeting, they should be able to answer you. They should also be able to provide information about the quality of your web page content, your website traffic analytics, how effective your calls-to-action have been, and more. The point is that there should never be some secret formula that exists between the work that is being done and the invoice you pay each month. A reputable provider will be more than happy to review their work and results with you, even when those results are not as good as you had hoped for.

You should choose an SEO provider that takes the time to learn your business.

Granted, search engine optimization doesn’t have a lot to do with the daily operations of your firm. An SEO expert doesn’t need a law degree in order to do an outstanding job for your firm. The point here is that Google and other search engines are going to organize your site for users in the same manner that it is presented. So, imagine how many leads you might lose if your SEO agency has (using the content and organization of your site) classified “slip and fall” cases under the category of Mergers and Acquisitions.

They should also be able to generate content with the same level of familiarity. For example, if you see a high number of car accident cases, your SEO representative might write a blog post titled, “What is My Insurance Obligated to Pay the Injured Party?” and other similar topics. It requires insight into what your ideal client might be looking for when they go to read about the detail of their case online.

If you are an attorney or a legal practice administrator, don’t ignore your firm’s need for search engine optimization just because you received an unfair or questionable offer. At Realnets, we offer a comprehensive menu of services that is sure to meet your business needs, and we’ll make sure you know how and why we do everything we do. Contact us today at 773.631.6851 to learn more about our SEO services for law firms.