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Security Cameras

Integrated Security Solutions

Security cameras have progressed lightyears past where they were even a few years ago. The ability to stream and record HD quality video efficiently, even from your phone, is now ubiquitous. Pair that with sophisticated software and you can automatically track motion, record license plates, use thermal detection, track occupancy, and be notified automatically when something isn’t right.


Why get security equipment from a tech company?

As a tech company, we have a wide range of partnerships that allow us to keep track of the latest and greatest tech on the market. This not only means we have access and experience with top tier camera systems, but also superior software and support.


Wisenet - Hanwha camera


Plus, we can save you money.

Security companies will look at any of your security equipment as a separate entity from your IT infrastructure. As a trusted IT service provider, Realnets has the ability to assess your existing IT resources to see whether it can be leveraged to run your new camera set up.

That means less redundancy, which can lead to lower equipment or operational costs.

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Building smarter security with better technology.

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