Door Access Control Use Cases 

Where Should I Use Door Access Control?

ACS can be installed on any door in any building it’s just a matter of your needs. Typically, door access is used to restrict access or allow admission to an area of a building or building itself. 

Here are some of the use cases where the ACS system shines: 

  1. Front Doors: Typically, this is established with an intercom however if you don’t want the bulk of an intercom a simple reader or even reader-less system can be installed on your front door for a cleaner look.

2. Tenant Doors: This creates a better experience for your tenants because only those who live in the building have admission to go into the building. This enhances the security of all tenants in a multi-tenant property. 

3. Store Room Doors: If your start to notice an issue with supplies disappearing maybe it’s time to think about control access to that room. This system prevents access to places and it also keeps an active log of who has accessed that area to keep a passive eye on an area.

4. Elevators: You can allow admission or restrict access to certain floors in a building, this improves safety and security because you can track and monitor authorized and unauthorized users.

5. Commercial Doors: These doors are used in schools, office buildings, stores, hospitals, and manufacturing industries; all these facilities have commercial doors that need a higher level of secuirty. Doors are able to lock and restrict access to any authorized individuals or to everyone during certain times like holidays and after hours.

6. Garages: This space is used for commercial properties, office buildings, and public buildings, adding a control system to these gates allows you to limit access to the property, prevent trespassers, monitor the gate to get a record of who is going in and who is coming out.

Looking for more ways to use Door Access Control? 
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