Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions

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Hyper-Convergence infrastructures are revolutionary platforms that combine storage, computing, and networking to increase scalability while reducing complexity. To learn more about what hyperconvergence might look like for your business, talk to the experts at Realnets today.

What are the Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Compared to more traditional solutions, hyper-converged infrastructure delivers simplicity and flexibility. All aspects of the platform, including integrated storage systems, networking switches, and servers, are designed to be easily managed as a single system and across all occurrences of a hyper-converged infrastructure.  

Hyper-convergence storage infographic

In converged and traditional infrastructures the computer, networking, and storage components are separate. Hyper-converged environments offer a streamlined distribution of new workloads. 

Hypervisor Infographic

Hyperconvergence Lowers IT Costs

Hyper-convergence combines the convenience of public cloud infrastructure without giving up control of on-site hardware. It also presents potential cost savings, especially in the areas of IT labor, space, data center power, and when it comes to licensing software, like disaster recovery tools.

Hyperconvergence Eases Storage Management

Hyper-converged platforms include a hypervisor, a system designed to run virtualized computing, as well as software-defined storage. Ultimately, this allows organizations to easily expand capacity by opening and expanding additional modules.

Take your company to the next level by upgrading to a more flexible and user-friendly enterprise storage infrastructure. This system is ideal for industry leaders who are undertaking data center modernization projects.  

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