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Chicago Data Recovery Services

When your company’s digital assets have been lost, corrupted, damaged, or otherwise compromised, it can result in very serious consequences. You need a Chicagoland data recovery partner that will act quickly and has the experience to avoid costly mistakes. 

A Real World Data Recovery – A Case Study

Realnets was asked to recover data for a Fortune 100 company from a 3rd party. We specified what type of storage (Synology NAS) would need to be built for the transfer of the data, and headed out to the 3rd party’s data center. The data was requested and transported securely back to a safe location. We partnered with in-house resources to reintegrate the data onto their on-site storage. It was a fantastic collaboration between different teams and a successful return of property for our client. 

Data Recovery Services to Keep Chicago Businesses Safe

If your sensitive information is improperly handled, it could result in identity theft, unintended exposure of confidential files, or media damage beyond repair. What’s worse is when the recovery process is mismanaged and you find yourself with malicious content being installed right along with your restored data. We have meticulous controls in place that protect you from these terrible scenarios.


Swift & Secure Data Recovery Services in Chicago

Whether your data has been lost due to natural disaster, employee misconduct, hardware failure, or something else, we’re here for all of your data recovery needs.


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