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We chose to partner up with Openpath for our electronic door access because of their unique Avaigilon Alta access control. Avaigilon Alta access control is designed to be managed from anywhere and on any device. This access control is so secure, it has a 99.9% reliability rate and a future-proff protection allowing authorized users to receive instant alerts from security threats.

Mobile Access Control with scalable cloud-based software and endless integration capabilities

We are a proud certified partner for these innovative door access solutions. Openpath offers products and solutions for use cases big and small. Not only is their tech cutting edge, it is certified and compliant for FFC, HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, GDRP, CCPA, and more. 

Certified Openpath Partner
OpenPath Door Access

Smarter access solutions for environments both big and small. 

One solution that has been of great interest to schools and large institutions is event scheduling. This allows the creation of custom presets for a series of locks.

These types of presets make something like access to a school gym for a basketball game simple. Create the access settings once and apply these templates for reoccurring events. 

Whether you’re looking for solutions for a small office, apartment complex, or a large university we have a range of products that will fit your needs and budget. 


Why is there a need for Door Access?

Improved Security: 

  • Electronic door access systems provide a higher level of security compared to traditional old-school locks. Electronic door access systems offer access by key fobs, key cards and biometric data which is difficult to duplicate, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • If you lose your electronic keys or get them stolen, they can be deactivated. This reduces the risk of unauthorized users access your building.

Audit Trail and Monitoring: 

  • Electronic door access systems keep a record of access entry’s, this provides an audit trail of those entering and exiting the area. This audit trail can be used for investiations and monitoring who has accessed certain areas and the times they did.

Integration With Other Systems:

  • Electronic door access sytems can be linked to video surveillance systems, alarms and more, enhancing overall security effectiveness.


  • You can use a single key card, fob, phone or biometric data to open doors. You can also easily add or remove users allowing them access or deactivating their entrance access.

Emergency Response: 

  • Electronic door access systems can automatically unlock doors or provide access to authorized users during an emergency like a fire.

Openpath has been purchased by Motorola, please read our blog below to find out more information on Openpath’s rebranding!

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