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Microsoft Volume Licensing

When it comes to Microsoft Volume Licensing, Realnets is your go-to trusted partner. Volume Licensing is the term Microsoft uses to describe a program for organizations that need multiple Microsoft product licenses but don’t need multiple copies of the software media and documentation. This is an ideal option for businesses that need to purchase five or more licenses.


The benefits of Microsoft Volume Licensing

  • Value
    Get the best pricing, discounts, and more to support your server and cloud technologies. You’ll get real value with 24/7 technical support, planning services, and end-user and technical training.
  • Flexibility
    Meet your business’ unique requirements based on its technology needs, automatically access the latest software and technologies with Software Assurance, and choose from Microsoft’s services and software to migrate on your own terms.
  • Easy Management
    With a single organization-wide agreement, you can easily streamline license management for predictability and simplification of everything from purchase and payment tracking to device management.

The Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) gives you easy access to:

  • All of your licensing information in one location
  • Downloadable products and keys
  • Relationship summary and license summary details
  • Review the status of your enrollments
  • Activate and consume Software Assurance benefits


A Real Partnership

We will help you secure the appropriate volume licensing for your unique needs giving you the added benefits of savings, flexible acquisition, easy deployment, and so much more.

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