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As a Latch partner we agree that privacy and security will turn your home into the safe haven we all strive for. Latch is a leading manufactuer in access control systems for multifamily properties, office buildings, and hospitality spaces. Our partnership with Latch allows us to carry a range of products and services that is aimed to improve security, convenience, and efficiency for business owners and residents.

How Do I Choose a Door Access Control System?

There is so much security technology nowadays how do you know if you are choosing the right one? It is all about matching what your security needs are. When looking for a door access security system it is important to choose the products that work well with your premises, budget, integration goals, and the level of security you are looking for.

Here are a few examples on how these four factors help you narrow down how to choose your door access:

Premises: The area in which you need security and door access is everything, if you are in a multifamily home, office building, hospitality space, manufacturing plant, education facility, healthcare facility, or public services; safeguarding your area is important and each industry requires a different set of door security.

Budget: The cost of door access varies in price depending on your property needs.

Integration: Door access systems can we integrated with surveillance cameras (CCTV), alarm systems, intercoms, and other security systems. Integration is a great option for bigger properties who want extra layers of security.

Level of Security: Door access security has different levels of security that it can cover. For example if you want to implement door access to your health clinic we may suggest a door access system with biometric data that you can access with your fingerprint.


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Door Access Control Systems Products and Features:


Latch Lens:

  • The Latch Lens is a smart access control system that gives you the convenience of unlocking your door security with an iphone, andriod, apple watch, door code, and key card.

Latch eGenius:

  • The eGenius door access has a unique feature that backs-up unlocking options. This features allows you to gain access through your door security even if your phone battery is dead, keeping you safe at any hour.

Latch App:

  • This app allows you to have full control over you door access control system. You can share access with friends and family members for however long you’d like. The app logs the history of anyone entering through the door access and into your area.

Why Do we Need Door Access Control Systems?

Door access control systems are an important part of keeping your business and property safe. These security systems enhance your security, allow you to quickly respond to security threats, view history of visitors, have remote access, and reduce key management. Door access systems allow business and properties to maintain a safe and secure enviornment!

Benefits of choosing Realnets for Latch products:


  • Our team at Realnets can maintain and install Latch’s smart access systems in any multi-residential buildings, office complexes, industrial facilities and retail buildings.

Ongoing support and monitoring

  • Our team is available 24/7 to address any technical issues. We make sure that your systems operate smoothly, remain secure and are available incase of any hardware or software malfunctions.

Wide selection of products

  • We offer a wide selection of Latch’s technology such as smart locks, keycards, mobile apps, and a cloud-based management system.

We partnered with Latch because at Latch’s core, it is a privacy and security system. Here at Realnets we give our clients the ability to feel their buisnesses are secured. Let us help you keep your property private and secured with Latch’s innvovated door access security and Realnets expert guidance and installations.

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