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Cellgate intercom is a brand of intercom systems specifically designed for gated multi-tenant communities, single family homes, campus, farms & ranch, self-storage and business commercial properties.

Cellgate intercom systems is a leader in wireless access control. Cellgate intercoms consist of two main components: an outdoor intercom station located at the gate or entry point, and an indoor unit installed inside the resident or staff member’s property.

    New at Cellgate

    QR Code Visitor Management

    The QR code allows authorized users to see the viewable history that is:

    • Who has issued QR Codes
    • How many have been sent
    • How many have been utilized and when they have been utilized
    • Records of unsuccessful attempts

    Property managers, tenants and visitors will benefit from the QR code because of the convience and security.


    Cellgate introduces new property wireless access: OmniPoint. Cellgate explains OmniPoint to be a wireless multi-point access control system that utilizes a hub and spoke methodology.

    Consider an OmniPoint Solution when:

    • Entry points spread out up to a mile
    • Line of site not always available
    • Fenced outdoor areas that need to be secured
    • Minimum of 5 to 100 entrances

    OmniPoint Solution is a point to multipoint wireless access control system that covers large properties without data wires or control panels.

    Reasons to buy Cellgate from Realnets

    Expertise and Support

    Realnets provides your business with expertise in managing complex technology solutions


    Our installations team is fully equipped to install and maintain any property technology on multi-residential buildings, office complexes, industrial facilities, and retail buildings.


    Our team at Realnets is extremely skilled and can integrate Cellgate with other security systems.

    Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    Our team at Realnets is available for your business 24/7 to assist on any emergencies or technical issues we find from your Cellgate systems.

    Business Continuity

    Realnets can handle your day-to-day IT needs, maintenance, and support.


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