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As an authorized installer of ButterflyMX intercom systems, Realnets can retrofit and migrate your system to the newest, smart, cloud-based intercom solution that provides secure, convenient, and affordable property access from the convenience of your smartphone.

ButterflyMX has created custom mounts and beautifully designed hardware that no one else on the market has to offer. With their solutions and our expert installation services, you get so much more than a traditional intercom system.

Popular ButterflyMX Features                                    ButterflyMX Certified Installer

The market is consistently shifting toward property technology amenities and solutions. ButterflyMX intercom and package management solutions provide cost effective property access that is built for modern work and living. ButterflyMX specializes in smart intercom solutions for multitenant buildings and residential communities.

Mobile Access: ButterflyMX uses a mobile app as the interface for the residents and visitors to interact with the intercom system. Through this app, users can receive calls, grant access, and manage entry remotely in the comfort of their own homes.

Integration: The ButterflyMX system can be integrated with other building management systems, which include access control, elevators, or parking gates.

Analytics and Reporting: ButterflyMX offers analytics and reporting capabilities. It also provides insights into entry activity and system performance. This information will allow anyone to identify potential issues overall enhancing security. 

Who Benefits from Intercom Systems?

Property Owners: Enhancing security for the convenience or residents or tenants

Property Managers: Oversee daily operations of multi-tenant buildings

Developers: Real Estate developers who are constructing multi-tenant buildings

& More!

Set Your Property Apart

If you’re looking to turn your property into one of the most technologically advanced buildings in your area, then it’s time to take your traditional systems to the next level. Discover more ways to enhance your building with Proptech™.

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