10 minutes was all it took to take down the systems of MGM Resorts International, and popular properties the Bellagio and the MGM Grand!

Just 4 days ago the majority of MGM properties’ slot machines, ATM machines, and hotel key cards were out of service. Although a few slot machines were operating, if someone got lucky they would need to receive the winning cash directly from an MGM employee. Some would argue this puts a damper on gambling fun. 

According to ABC News, a group named “Scattered Spider” was provided with the ransomware used in the attack on the MGM properties. A hacker of this group allegedly impersonated an MGM employee over the phone while communicating with the helpdesk. This raises concerns due to the rippling unfortunate events that were caused by a quick phone call.

The group Scattered Spider’s motive for the attack was revealed to be money-related. “If you have money we want it” was a quote said by Scattered Spider hackers to TechCrunch. Days before MGM was breached, Caesars Palace was also targeted and became of victim of a cyber-attack. Caesars Palace paid a 15 million dollar ransom!

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