Realnets web department is responsible for the development of a wide range of clients, making us an experienced and comprehensive web development company.  We are constantly expanding our diverse portfolio and have recently added the extremely competitive market of hotel marketing.  

Kinn MKE Guesthouse is a unique boutique hotel that combines the comforts of home with the amenities of a hotel. The owner of this charming stay in Milwaukee is Charles Drake, the grandson of John Drake, the part owner of the historic Drake Hotel in Chicago.  Charles approached Realnets with their desire for a redesign of their website.  Our experience with redesigns has grown rapidly over the years which gives us the ability to sustain the already existing organic traffic with an increase in new searches.    

Realnets design team focuses on approaching web development projects from a marketing standpoint, while keeping in mind Google standards and SEO advantages. Our team also focuses on increasing search results, while simultaneously giving the website a foundation to grow for years to come.   

The visual aesthetics and charm of the hotel were easy to capture with the use of high-resolution images. We displayed the featured suites directly on the home page to capture inquiries right from the entrance to the website.  We also incorporated blog posts to assist in Google updates which are healthy for SEO and Google rankings. Promotion of local events and the use of advertising on digital platforms has brought increased traffic and has successfully booked suites for these promotional event dates.

We are continuing our Adwords advertising, promoting keywords that are highly searched in the Milwaukee area and solidifying our clients as high competitors in this saturated market. As the website continues to grow and authority in this space is gained over time the success of advertising will increase. We have extremely enjoyed working with Kinn MKE Guesthouse and look forward to our relationship continuing.  Please visit the site below.  

Kinn MKE Guesthouse