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The phrase, “Reputation Management,” has become a little bit of a marketing industry buzzword, but the concept is nothing new.

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. A positive brand image can really make a difference for companies at any stage of business, but a negative image can be incredibly hard to repair. That has always been true, but in recent years, it has become even more critical to maintain a strong brand image online. Before your prospective customers ever contact you, they are looking you up online to see what others have to say. Plus, reviews have also become a very important factor for SEO.

That is why we are so excited to introduce you to Reputation Management by Realnets™, the latest product offered by our Web Services division. 

Be Proactive: Make the Effort to Collect Reviews

You would be surprised by how many of your customers would leave you a great review, but it simply never crosses their mind. So, ask. Common tactics for reaching out to garner new reviews include:

  • Text message prompts
  • Email follow-ups
  • Social Media
  • Notes on invoices, project reports, and other business communications
  • Phone calls

As you may have guessed, this can be a very time-consuming process, which is why so many companies today rely on professional reputation management services.

Click here for a Reputation Management by Realnets™ PDF that you can share with your colleagues!

Professional Reputation Management Services You Can Trust

Managing your business reputation online can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With Reputation Management by Realnets™, you have a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to ensuring that your customers are happy and your brand image is protected. Spend less time monitoring reviews and more time doing what you love to do.

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