With all of the diverse channels for communication that we have today, from social media to video, to chat, to text messages, phones and more, there’s still no channel as omnipresent as email.  And, let’s face it – absolutely everyone has an email address. In fact, most people have several these days, so it’s no wonder that this avenue for communication is just as strong as ever and relevant in the world of email marketing in this modern age.     

Though in terms of “modern” forms of digital communication email may seem rudimentary, it’s still the most popular platform for its universality.  Of course, for marketers, this also means that email can be a challenging place to stand out from the crowd in the age of social media and live feeds.  But, that’s also why email marketing is still essential. Even with all of the platforms out there, there’s still nothing that compares to email, and that’s why it remains an integral part of any marketing strategy.  

So, is email marketing still relevant?  Absolutely! How can you design a winning email marketing strategy in 2019?  Let’s take a look at some killer tips:

  • Use in Combination – We all know that email is a vital marketing tool.  So, why would you use it on its own? Instead, you should be combining email marketing with other channels as part of a much larger strategy to nurture customers and drive sales.  The most successful campaigns go beyond solo email marketing and automation. And, now, with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this is truer than ever simply due to the strict opt-in permission requirements you must get from each person before sending a marketing email.  So, look at the bigger picture, and take a more comprehensive approach.
  • Personalize Based on Patterns – Generic email marketing no longer works; you have to personalize your efforts based on specific behavioral patterns and trends.  These days, consumers are bombarded with too many emails, so everything that doesn’t immediately connect won’t be opened. So, make them personal.   A lot of businesses fall short when it comes to email marketing simply because they don’t even consider the users’ experience beyond pressing ‘send.’  But, untargeted emails won’t match behaviors and preferences and therefore don’t make that essential human connection needed for interest and conversion.  Of course, understanding your target audience takes time, but it’s absolutely essential that your brand take this time to personalize by building trust.
  • Nurture – Consumers are smart, so don’t try to sell them.  You must nurture the consumer-brand relationship.  You can’t just go in for the hard sell in every social media post; you have to start with the give, gain their trust, then later get around to the asking.   Marketers have started to apply this strategy to their social postings, but they don’t always carry it through to their email marketing efforts. And, that’s where you can really build and advance the customer journey before trying to sell them.  After all, it’s about their experience with your brand, so you have to make sure that your message is aligned with their goals as well.
  • Test & Adjust – In order to make email marketing really connect with your target audience, you must constantly test and tinker, even with the most basic things like subject lines and content length.  This is how you’ll learn to better understand the relevancy of your content and how it resonates with customers’ emotional needs. The only way to improve and optimize your campaign efforts is to analyze, generate insights, and revalidate them to improve ROI.   

Email marketing in 2019 is all about quality over quantity and taking a comprehensive approach.  So, make your strategy about forming more nurturing, personalized connections, constant iteration, and don’t forget to update those email lists.