You may often hear the terms design and development used interchangeably, but the truth is that the two are quite different processes that each require an entirely different skill set. So, when you hire an agency like ours to create a design for you from scratch, you will probably be working with both a web designer and a web developer. Let’s take a look at each of these professions and how they come together to create a user experience that gives your business the competitive edge.


The Web Designer

Web designers are responsible for the way your site looks and feels. If you already have a concept in mind, they will help you bring it to life. If you need help from the get-go, the right designer can create a unique, imaginative concept for you, based on your objectives and the nature of your business.

A great web designer will have a variety of skills to offer to your project. They should be creative and have demonstrable graphic design experience, which may or may not include brand design, as well. They should also understand the many psychological factors that affect things like click-through rate, conversions, and more. You would be surprised by how significantly your sales will be impacted by a poorly-placed button or form. A designer should understand how to avoid that and other web design faux pas.


The Web Developer

Web developers, on the other hand, are less concerned with general appearance and more interested in the overall functionality of a website. They understand and use programming languages and various software to create a website that works the way you want it to, driving visitors to transact.

The role of a developer is much more detailed and technical than we have time for in this post, of course, and the profession can be broken down even further into subspecialties if needed. So, if you have specific questions about what they do or why, be sure to ask those questions as your project progresses.


How They Work Together

When your web designer has finished creating a unique concept for your company’s web presence, he or she will turn that over to the developer. From there, your project team will begin to construct your website, giving it all of the bells and whistles that will help you stand out. Think of it in the same way that an architect might hand over building plans to a home construction team.

Fortunately, at Realnets, you have all of the professionals you need under one roof. Our team works seamlessly together to create an easy, stress-free web design and development experience for you. From concept to execution, we will help you breathe new life into your old website, or we will help you build something from the ground up.

We’ll evaluate your needs, including your existing website if you have one, and we’ll give you our best recommendation for creating a powerful brand presence across all channels. So, if you’re shopping around for web design and development services, give us a call today at 773.631.6851.