Rosslare has been in the education industry for over a decade, creating security systems for many educational facilities including major universities. Large and major universities often have thousands of students, staff, and visitors coming in and out of the premises daily.

It is crucial to have a security and access control system to stay on ahead and on top of the saftety of the patrons at school. The needs an educational institution has can be met by Rosslare products. Rosslare has specific systems that help protect students, staff, visitors, valuable intellectual and physical assets. 

Rosslare has listed out a few key systems every educational facility should have and follow:

  • Systems that protect facilities and assets by lowering risk of unidentified entry and expired credentials.
  • Systems that are flexible and support multiple credentials per user and multiple credential types.
  • Systems that are easy to manage – deployable across multiple sites and distributed networks.
  • Full accountability, audit tracing, and comprehensive reporting for pattern analysis and big data.
  • Easy migration to mobile technologies, while retaining the use of existing credentials.

Here is a list of Rosslare’s education solutions:

  • Fully managed access control
  • RFID-based credentials management
  • Video integration to third-party VMS or NVR
  • Door scheduler, schedule-based polices
  • Parking solutions
  • Powerful analytics and reporting
  • Visitor management

With the help of our team here at Realnets we can assure you will receive the products that fit your educational facility the best. We offer tailored IT solutions that will increase the security around your premises while also monitoring it for you in case of any technical emergency.

How Realnets can help your educational facility:

Expertise and Support:

Realnets provides your business with expertise in manageing complex technology solutions.


Our installations team is fully equipped to install and maintain any property technology on multi-residential buildings, office complexes, industrial facilities, and retail buildings. 


Realnets can integrate Rosslare with other security systems like video cameras. The integrations enhance overall security effectiveness.

Ongoing Monitoring:

Realnets is avaliable for your business 24/7 to assist on any emergencies or technical issues we find from your Rosslare systems.

Business Continuity:

Realnets can take care of your day-to-day IT needs, maintenance, and support.

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