Social media has been a wonderful tool for businesses of all sizes to engage and interact with their users, followers, consumers, audience, fans and beyond.  However, some marketers still haven’t quite mastered the art of authenticity. In fact, some still don’t understand how you can even achieve an authentic conversation through a platform like Twitter, in particular.  Anyone can do it, though, with the right skills and information, have valuable, authentic conversations via Twitter that do in fact lead to loyal brand supporters.

In order to truly understand the advantage of Twitter marketing, you must re-evaluate how you’re using it in the first place.  For instance, your real goal when approaching content development for Twitter is to achieve and share conversations that fulfill the needs of the people who use the platform; it’s not simply about what you want out of it.  It’s about the give, not just the take.

What makes Twitter unique is that you can interact with absolutely anyone!  From high-profile users and celebrities to other businesses, to the average person on the street, your conversation can be far-reaching.  Twitter is accessible for everyone, making it the ultimate networking tool that can not only create a network but form and nourish meaningful relationships.

So, just how exactly can you have authentic conversations to build upon these relationships?  It’s all about getting creative and shifting the automated mindset from quantity to quality. Here are some clever ways you can interact with your Twitter following to get the ball rolling:  

  • Breaking News – Twitter is the go-to platform for breaking news these days.  That’s where users turn to get their information, and marketers need to take advantage of this.  Use Twitter to discuss breaking news, whether industry-relevant, industry-adjacent or just something completely unrelated that you know your followers will be interested to discuss.  Engage users by sharing breaking news tweets, pictures or video alongside your own opinion and a prompt for others’ opinions and feedback. Just remember that timing is key. After all, breaking news is only “breaking” for so long before thousands of others in your industry are engaged in the conversation.
  • Live Events – If your business is throwing an event or attending an industry-based event, this is the perfect opportunity to create engaging content, both during and after, that can be far-reaching.  Sadly, marketers still aren’t using this tactic enough. But, it is one of the easiest ways to start a meaningful conversation that users will want to be a part of and share with others, just don’t forget to provide those event hashtags!  Best of all, creating live event content is so simple. You can tweet about specific program elements your audience will be interested in, special speakers, event summaries, pictures, videos, soundbites, etc. For those who aren’t able to attend, the idea is to make them feel like they’re present in the action.  Remember, it’s all about inclusion and reminding users that you care about them and what they want.
  • Customer Culture – Marketing on any platform is only effective when you truly understand your customers.  So, get to know what makes them tick, what information or situations they respond to, what makes them laugh, what makes them take action, etc.  With this information, you can easily create fun, engaging content that reflects the culture of your audience and will prompt them to join the conversation.  Give them a reason to respond and stick around. Video, for example, is a great way to captivate an audience. On Twitter, a video automatically plays, so users are immediately exposed to something eye-catching and new.   
  • Customer Service – These days, Twitter has become the go-to platform for users to reach out directly to companies about issues they may be facing.  So, use this to your advantage, and make yourself easily accessible and amenable to their concerns and needs. Add a click button that allows users to connect with you via private message on Twitter, just remember that quick response time is key.         

Twitter can do so much in helping to market your brand and get your message out there.  It’s all about getting creative and putting out engaging, relevant content that prompts conversations that users want to be a part of.