If despite all of your current marketing efforts you’re still not seeing the kind of engagement that you want and need through your business’ Facebook page, then it’s time to change up your strategy for optimal reach.  But, why exactly should you optimize your Facebook business page in the first place?

With over 2 billion users, Facebook has the potential to give your business a wide audience.  Essentially, you simply can’t afford to ignore the platform’s impact on your marketing strategies or potential consumer base.  And, much like your website, your Facebook business page can get ranked in Google search results, which is necessary for grabbing the attention and converting users.  It is for these reasons and many more that you need to give your page and content posted to your page the best shot at reaching top rank.

So, if you’re ready to optimize your Facebook business page’s visibility, here are some quick and easy tips toward accomplishing this goal:      

  • Combine Your Business Name with a Keyword – Optimizing your business page starts with optimizing your page name.  You want to choose the right name that will be your unique identifier.  This is what shows up in search results. But, unless your business is already an established brand, has a unique identifier, or doesn’t share common words, then coming up with your page name will require a more strategic approach.  Remember, when users conduct online searches, they’re likely going to use keywords instead of brand names. So, instead of relying solely on your actual business name for your Facebook business page, combine your business name with a keyword or phrase associated with your product or services (e.g. Smith’s American Cafe instead of just Smith’s).  
  • Create Searchable Snippets –  When a user new to your business clicks on your page, they’re probably not going to know anything about you.  This is why it’s important to fully and completely fill in all fields in your Facebook page’s ‘About’ section.  But, the key here is to create deliberate search snippets. In other words, those phrases that can be searched in both Facebook and Google results.  
  • Complete All Page Details – In order to boost local search visibility, you must complete all page information details.  With all of Facebook’s improvements to enhance its search function, as well as its mobile capabilities, it can now reliably consider a user’s location when listing results.  This is huge for local, small businesses. So, to help Facebook index your business page for local search results, be sure to list your exact address including city, zip code and country.            
  • Include Keywords in Content – Optimization should also extend to the content itself.   So, include keywords in your Facebook page copy. After all, it’s nearly impossible to achieve results or rank from both organic and paid search efforts if you don’t even know the words potential users will be searching your information for.  Keywords should be included in all posts that you publish to your Facebook business page as well as in all titles and descriptions of images, videos, shared content, etc.

A business’ social media presence is an absolutely crucial part of any digital marketing strategy these days, and optimizing specifically for Facebook should be at the top of your to-do list.  So, make sure the content that you’ve worked so hard on is well-optimized and visible in order to make it into potential users’ search results.