Is your social media ad copy drawing the attention that you want?  Is it producing conversions, or is it simply falling flat? Make content creation more effective so that your social media ads make the impact that you seek, and check out these tips for writing attention-grabbing copy:  

  • Find Your Voice – Ad copy should be an extension of your brand voice.  Your business already communicates with a recognized, individualized voice specific to your brand and audience.  So, when users scroll through their feed, your ad copy should jump out and be easily recognizable. They should associate the tone, language, emotion, even word choice with your business immediately.  If, for example, your brand emulates a more suite and tie vibe, your copy shouldn’t be written in the more casual tones of someone selling a laid back, beach bum mentality. Wording is everything, and thus it should mimic your other content as well as that of your target audience.  In other words, speak their language.
  • Provide Clear Communication – Ad copy must be clearly communicated and include the who, what, where, when and why, in addition to your call to action.  This is the only way users will have all of the necessary details and information to know when and how to engage with your social media ad.  This is how you spark engagement that ultimately leads to conversions. If you’re having difficulty addressing the five W’s previously mentioned, then you need to take a step back to evaluate your target demographic, their pain points, and what they need.
  • Test Ad Copy Length – Some social media platforms allow for lengthier ad copy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should use it.  The key to clear communication is being as concise as possible. So, if you can communicate your point or call to action in just a few brief words, that’s what you need to do.  Of course, it all depends on your overall goal, so you should test your ad copy at different lengths to see which is more effective with your target audience. The most important thing is that your point is made and users understand.    
  • Use Visuals – One of the main reasons users flock to social media platforms is to be entertained.  So, be sure to combine your ad copy with complementary (and targeted) visuals that will catch the eye, and make users stop to read.  Your copy and content space should remain harmonious, but it’s important to show off some creativity when it comes to enhancing text.  Your copy is what ultimately makes the point and drives conversions, but it’s the visuals that will help to further communicate the point.  Remember, the key is to make all components, including the headline, URL, description, etc., come together to best tell the story that you want users to “like.”    
  • Align with Your Sales Funnel – Though you can’t “sell” on social media platforms, you do have to remember that your ad copy is essentially your sales pitch.  Your ad can’t look or feel like sales copy if it’s going on a social site, but the intent should still be apparent. So, you have to align your ad copy with your specific sales funnel targeting, and get creative.

Good ad copy can really make or break your engagement rates.  But, that doesn’t mean that you have to change your tactics entirely and start hiring a production team to make snappy videos instead of writing more traditional ads.  It’s simply time to get more creative in the manner in which you go about designing ad copy. It’s all about making it informative, entertaining, and most importantly, to the point.