Social media strategies and marketing platforms are constantly evolving.  Technology and user demands change so quickly that it’s often difficult to keep pace, especially as time-intensive as it is to track the most effective and efficient ways to reach widespread target audiences.  Fortunately, platforms like LinkedIn offer tools to help personalize advertisements to each individual user so that your ads stand out among the rest. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads, for instance, is a tool that allows you to make your marketing efforts user-specific.  If you’re not already using it, here’s why you should be:

  • Cost-Effective – Dynamic Ads are first and foremost incredibly convenient and cost-effective.  They take virtually no time at all to create! Instead of working to churn out multiple, unique advertising strategies for each separate audience group, this tool allows you to simplify it to just one version.  From there, LinkedIn will take your ad, and run with it, reconstructing your original ad for each specific person. It’s able to personalize the advertising experience, making it instantly attention-grabbing. And, it’s able to do so based off of public, personal information that has been gathered from each member of your target audience.
  • Simple – LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are incredibly simple to create.  Through the site’s Campaign Manager, all you have to do is select the Dynamic Ad campaign option, and start tailoring the template to fit your intended audience.  You can specify and adjust everything from the format to the language. There’s even an option that allows you to show each individual user’s profile pic in the custom ad.  
  • Higher Performance – Personalized marketing that’s been created through LinkedIn Dynamic Ads has already proven to perform better.  This tool helps ensure that individually targeted ads don’t get lost in the sea of competition because they’re specifically geared toward each member.  Unlike traditional display ads, the personalized dynamic ad catches the eye when scrolling through the newsfeed, driving the user to click and engage.  
  • Vast Audience – In addition to individuals, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads have the ability to target the largest business audience on the Internet.  Each generated, tailored ad is designed to efficiently capture the attention of influential users. LinkedIn is specifically geared toward on-the-go business professionals, and these users don’t have time to scan through irrelevant ads on their page.  Fortunately, this is where the creative content produced by the Dynamic Ads tool really shines, as it’s able to reach out and captivate beyond the crowd and noise.
  • Variety – With LinkedIn, you don’t have to worry about being categorized into one form of dynamic advertising, as it offers three different options for creating ads.  You can choose between Content Ads, Spotlight Ads, and Follower Ads. Each platform and style can be manipulated to showcase and reflect not just your intended message but your overall business objective.  

Personalized, dynamic advertising encourages overall engagement, connection, conversation, and generates strong leads.  It’s an easy way to capture attention while letting your audience know that you care about their specific wants and needs, that you are listening, and that you are ready to deliver.