Let’s say you want to increase security. That might include door locks, security cameras, or window break monitors. You’re probably thinking of going to a dedicated security company and not your MSP.

Let’s go over a few reasons why you might want your IT people to also be your security people.

Better integration saves you money –
A security company won’t have the expertise to be able to leverage your existing IT infrastructure. Meaning you’ll need to double up on hardware or cloud computing services to support your new equipment.

IT experts stay up to date on tech –
Security companies aren’t always technology experts. They may only be trained in a single product line. A tech company has a broader understanding of what’s available in the marketplace and what will work best with your current set up.

Monitoring systems aren’t just for security –
Motion sensors, glass-break sensors, and cameras can help notify you of a break-in, but you can do more to protect your assets. There are sensors for water leaks, temperature controls, air quality, and other issues that can be costly without being considered a security problem.