Environmental monitoring systems have become an essential piece of property management.

We have sensors that keep an eye on the temperature, water leaks, boiler functions, motion, window breaks, and anything else you can think of. Building owners have come to rely on this tech to quickly head off problems before they become massive disasters.

But what about virus risk?

New air quality sensors are able to monitor factors that are key risk indicators for virus transmission. By measuring humidity, CO2 levels, and temperature, the monitoring software can make risk assessments and provide actionable recommendations.

This technology is piggybacking on already useful and established environmental monitoring systems, so the value goes beyond the current COVID precautions. It could also provide some useful insights going into future flu seasons that could help keep people healthy and prevent sick days.

We continue to look for ways that technology can improve our health, lives, and work. Let us know if you have any questions about environmental monitoring or healthier smart buildings.