When it comes to keeping your real estate assets safe, there have never been as many attractive and easy-to-use options as there are now.  The latest technologies and systems are able to plug directly into your network to collect vast amounts of sensory data and provide analytics around the clock. It’s a great way for you to know exactly what’s happening within your valued property at all times.  

In the past, PropTech (and IoT, in general) dealt with the implementation of physical devices and software.  It was an expensive and inefficient way to retrofit buildings that lacked modern smart technologies, as it required rewiring and replacing facility appliances. Today, however, PropTech solutions have come a long way. New innovations have changed the way businesses are able to monitor valuable assets through the use of these updated, smart, wireless sensors.  PropTech is now affordable, low maintenance, and can easily improve your overall systems with no need for invasive changes.

PropTech can provide monitoring solutions for absolutely everything in your smart building, from smart thermostats that control ambient conditions, to sensors that detect plumbing leaks, to smart fire prevention, to monitoring building and personnel traffic, and so much more.  There are so many incredible benefits to implementing this latest generation of PropTech in your building that you really can’t afford to miss out. Just take a look at a few of the ways smart monitoring systems can protect your assets:  

  • Efficient Management – PropTech is all about taking proactive measures, so these smart technologies increase overall efficiency.  Whether you’re updating to decrease overall building and operations costs, looking for more sustainable features and programs, or simply wanting to better manage ambient conditions and usage of such things as light and temperature control, smart sensors can track and adjust according to gathered data and your specific requirements.  With even the smallest variances in level controls, you can decrease operational costs and lower your carbon footprint.
  • Space Optimization – PropTech can help determine ways in which you can optimize and utilize the space within your building to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.  Smart sensors can do everything from help you plan facility renovations and moves, optimize networks for remote workers, strategize operational layout through occupancy and traffic patterns, even show you where ideal temperature control areas should be for those working with strict storage control needs.  Through modernization, work patterns and needs are changing in every industry. And, smart building condition monitoring systems are the solution for helping you make the most of your physical space. Whether that’s directed toward inventory adjustment, personnel office usage, even water usage, and beyond, space optimization will ultimately lead to a more streamlined business that can meet all employee, tenant, or consumer demands, consistently.  
  • Increased Productivity – In addition to protecting your buildings physical and informational assets, smart condition monitoring systems also work to keep your workers and tenants happy and safe.  In some industries, conditions must be regulated by law in order to meet health and safety standards. In others, it can just be a simple matter of comfort. But, no matter the reason, the goal should always be to create an environment that looks out for employee or tenant well-being.  Not only will a regulated environment create comfortable, healthy conditions, in the workplace, it can help improve worker morale and increase productivity, and decrease turnover within all industries, organizations or property types. Smart sensors maintain optimal conditions at all times.  Plus, they ensure safety, as they can monitor everything from potential location risks, to foot traffic coming and going throughout a given property, as well as all essential systems that keep operations successfully in motion.  

Smart building monitoring systems are changing the game for businesses everywhere.  They provide safety, efficiency, and create an overall streamlined management system. Best of all, modern PropTech and IoT is affordable and easy to install with no infrastructure interference.  In no time at all, your building can be upgraded with wireless, proactive technology and data collection that can ensure the integrity of all of your invaluable assets within as well as the very ground they stand on.  With all of that at stake, you simply can’t afford not to take a closer look at how the conditions within your building are being monitored.