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License Plate Recognition

What is License Plate Recognition?

License plate recognition, commonly known as LPR is a tool that captures images of license plates with the use of cameras. This tool grabs the characters of the image that make up the license plate of the vehicle. These characters are then converted into text data, which is used for tollways, parking management, law enforcement, and surveillance.

Realtime Optimization

How does LPR Technology Work?

LPR technology is a technology that is used to automatically capture and analyze images of license plates on vehicles and usually involves a series of basic steps: Camera capture, image processing, character recognition, and database comparison.

Benefits of LPR:

Efficiency: LPR systems capture license plate information, reducing the need for any manual data entry. This enhances efficiency in tollways, parking, and access control.

Accuracy: The technology that LPR holds is designed to read license plate characters and will minimize errors that manual entry may cause. In law enforcement, accuracy is crucial because of the way LPR can identify vehicles associated with criminal activity; like stolen cars, vehicles with violations, etc.

Speed: LPR systems can process license plate information in real-time. Every time a vehicle enters or exits a location, LPR systems can quickly identify each vehicle. 

Integration: LPR technology can be integrated with other systems such as CCTV cameras to enhance security and effectiveness.

Emergency Response: One of the many important ways you can use LPR is by identifying vehicles in emergency situations and having the ability to aid responders in locating vehicles in danger, quickly. 

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