Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Productivity solutions by Microsoft are vast and available in countless forms. It’s a complicated set of options. You can buy Microsoft Office suite via 50 different SKUs and price points. You can mix and match existing and new software licensing. You can apply 3rd party scanning and archiving solutions (Realnets resells Barracuda, Veeam and Edgewave backup/spam/archival solutions). The options are limitless and we can help.

You undoubtedly have questions, whether you’re an existing customer, new to the Office 365 world or converting off an old POP3 hosting company… Do I qualify for non-profit pricing? Can I mix E3 and Business licenses? How do I leverage my existing paper licenses? How do I migrate? What does my archival look like? What’s copy hold? I’m attempting to retire all my end of life software, do I need to upgrade all my Outlook clients? It goes on and on.

Realnets wants to help find the most profitable solution for you.


A Real Partnership

As a leading Microsoft solutions provider, each year, our team is evaluated by Microsoft to ensure we maintain our committed standard of excellence. Everything from our staff, to our project history, to our customer references are examined to keep us accountable for the progress and successful delivery we promise to deliver to each and every one of our clients. 

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