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As an Atrium partner we understand the value of their access control system. Atrium’s products give you the ability to have electronic door access for up to 500 doors. With Atrium’s easy to use door access products any industry such as: Manufacturing, Health Care, Education, Public Sector, and Non Profit will benefit. 

Atrium Access Control Products and Their Benefits

Atrium has many different access control products such as; encryption technology, smart cards, and biometric solutions. These products ensure that only those who are authorized can access designated areas.

Encryption Technology

This technology is used to protect data from unauthorized access, granting access to view or modify sensivitve information for those who are authorized.

Smart Cards

Smart cards enhance the level of security and convienence to your building. Smart cards are difficult to tamper with by unathorized users making them less of a risky of theft.

Biometric Solutions

Biometric solutions provides accuracy in authentication, the biometric data such as fingerprints or facial features are unique to each individual. Biometric data is nearly impossible to replication making it extremely reliable for personal indentification.


What is KRYPTO High Security Solution?

Below watch the video that goes more into depth of KRYPTO High Securiy Solutions: 

Latch - Door Entry

A22K – Encrypted 2-Door / 4-Reader IP Controller 

Technical Specifications

  • Controls 2 doors and 4 readers
  • On-board Ethernet with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Auto-detect hardware modules 
  • 6 mult-purpose inputs
  • Fuseless systems
  • Maintenance friendly 
  • & more!


    Realnets And Atrium Partnership:

    Choosing Realnets for Atrium access control products offers several benefits that enhace the overall effectiveness and maintenance of the access control system. Here are a few advantages of choosing Realnets for Atrium access control:

    Expertise and Experience

    • Here at Realnets we have a dedicated team with expertise and experiene in managing access control systems. All of your Atrium access control products will be handled by professionals who understand technology and can enhance the performance of the product.


    • Our team at Realnets has training, knowledge and tools necessary to install access control systems and products. Once installed, we share our knowledge to our clients on the products so they gain experience as well.

    Ongoing support and monitoring

    • Realnets monitors all access control systems to identify potential issues and take action before they cause harm to any business.

    Enhanced Security

    • We stay up-to-date with the latest security threats and best practices. We at Realnets always make sure your access control system is protected from potential vulnerabilities and attacks.

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