Managed services are those remote services that are outsourced to professionals whose expertise and skill sets are essential for the everyday operations and growth of a company.  These services are often IT and consultative related and tend to be far more affordable than a company using its own in-house set up. Managed service providers, or MSPs, can play small roles within a given operation, or they can take on the responsibility of the majority of operating tasks; it all depends on the need. No matter the level of responsibility, though, MSPs are integral to the health of a business. They are a unique tool that can be used to streamline day-to-day operations and help take a business to the next level.      

Types of Managed Service Providers

MSPs take on such a broad and diverse range of responsibilities that to understand them, you need to see what all they offer and the different roles they play within a given organization.  They’re most often classified into three main types, including:

  • Service Subscription MSPs – These are your low-level involvement MSPs that specialize in one or a few services.  Their specific expertise is then offered as turnkey services to clients. They focus on output delivery, meeting quality metrics, and keeping client technologies running. 
  • Value-Added MSPs – These MSPs provide mid-level involvement with value-added services as well remote operations and management. They offer a broad range of IT services that generally focus on cloud computing, security management, and disaster recovery. 
  • Full-Service or Partner MSPs –  These high-level involvement MSPs are an organization’s lifeblood.  They are partners that provide the technology, skills, and infrastructure that generate client income. 

The Benefits of Working With a Managed Service Provider in Chicago

Businesses looking to increase efficiencies, scale operations, and cut costs can greatly benefit from a Chicago managed service provider.  MSPs have the infrastructure and experts in place to streamline operations and take on IT needs that your workforce simply doesn’t have the capacity, experience, or expertise to handle.  Having someone local (like us) ensures that you have IT support nearby whenever you need it. We can take care of the legwork and provide such benefits as:

  • Cost Reduction – Rather than you taking on the cost burden, MSPs bear responsibility for updating and upgrading their technology so that they can meet the expectations and needs of each client.  This means that they shoulder all operating costs, including their overhead, employee salaries, and benefits.
  • Minimized Downtime – Top managed IT service providers will have back-up plans and hardware specifically created to avoid lengthy downtimes.  Whether caused by software glitches, power loss, or structural damage, they have IT engineers who can take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.   
  • High-Level Support – MSPs provide regular and even around the clock remote support for your IT infrastructure and end-user platforms or software. They provide customer support to both you and your clients. 
  • Efficiency and Security – Managed services are incredibly cost-effective and secure.  They follow strict standards for work quality, security, and timeliness at little to no extra cost to you.
  • Extended Relationship – MSPs know the ins and outs of the managed services industry.   From market trends to technological developments and everything in between, it is their job to become the experts and maintain that knowledge as technologies and practices evolve.  They have extensive networks and connections with reliable product and service providers that are relevant to each industry they serve. 

When you work with an established managed IT service provider with an excellent track record in providing managed services for your industry, like Realnets, you gain an invaluable asset.  MSPs can give your company advantages beyond basic day-to-day operation IT needs. They can streamline your business and help you devise a strategy that will take you to the next level.