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Door Access & Keyless Entry Systems

Integrated Security Solutions

Imagine a door access system so simple you can update it on the fly. Give temporary workers access to a floor for a day or revoke access immediately from your phone. Tired of creating replacement cards? Do away with keycards altogether and rely on a simple phone app.


Less hassle & less risk

Not only does greater flexibility make life easier, but it also keeps your property more secure. One of the biggest vulnerabilities in any access system is trying to work around it. A door that needs to be propped open so that contractors can get their work done isn’t keeping anyone or anything safe. 


Kisi Door Entry


OpenPath Door Access


Smarter access solutions for environments both big and small. 

One solution that has been of great interest to schools and large institutions is event scheduling. This allows the creation of custom presets for a series of locks.

These types of presets make something like access to a school gym for a basketball game simple. Create the access settings once and apply these templates for reoccurring events. 

Whether you’re looking for solutions for a small office or a large university we have a range of products that will fit your needs and budget. 


OpenPath Door Access


IT specialists make the best security specialists.

As an IT company, Realnets is in a unique position to assess your current IT infrastructure and your security needs to find the perfect door access solution. Our tech specialists may be able to integrate your door locks with your existing IT systems, which could end up saving you money. 

Our in-house developers can also offer limitless opportunities for customization. Want to sync your lock presets to your calendar? We can build it. Have a specific issue you need addressed? We’ll help you find a solution. 

Latch - Door Entry


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Building smarter security with better technology.

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