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We provide an immense amount of services that fit your industry:


PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone systems are essential products in the public sector industry for efficient communication, security and privacy, call routing and directories, tracking and reporting, and reliability! The public sector industry needs efficient communication to thrive, PBX allows for government agencies, departments, and institutions to have seamless communication. Within that seamless communication, the public sector industry relies on security and privacy to safeguard sensitive information and remain confidential. PBX phone systems contribute to secured communication, enhance security, and improve services for citizens in the public sector industry!


Knowbe4 is a cybersecurity product that offers security awareness training that simulates phishing tests to help those in your business get educated on cybersecurity threats. With the KnowBe4 product, the public sector industry will strengthen its employees’ instincts by increasing their employees’ awareness of potential risks. This product protects your organizations or facilities by allowing employees to effectively contribute to having a more secure digital environment.


E-mail Cloud Migrations are important for the public sector industry for several reasons:

Accessibility: Cloud-based email can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection which helps promote remote work capabilities, and increases efficiency during emergencies.

Security and Compliance: Realnets is a reputable cloud provider, we have security measures in place; helping the public sector industry meet their security and compliance requirements while also minimizing the risk of data breaches.

Maintenance and Updates: With Realnets your maintenance is handled, ensuring your email system is up-to-date and secured.

Email cloud migrations offers the public sector industry a way to moderize their communication systems to best service the citizens.


Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft licensing is crucial for the public sector industry because it provides structured and cost-effective access to a range of software products and services. Licensing ensures efficient software management which helps public sector organizations effectively manage their operations while maintaining security standards.


Data Recovery is important in the public sector industry for a variety of reasons:

Critical Information: Public sector organizations deal with sensitive information from citizens and the government. Losing this data and information can cause disruptions.

Accountability: Public sector is accountable for its actions. Data recovery ensures that records of the past are preserved, eliminating the action of data manipulation or data loss.

Public Trust: Public sector needs to maintain the public’s trust. Citizens feel reassured when they know their information is safe.

PropTech by Realnets

Read more on how these services can benefit your property:


Security Cameras in the public sector industry are one of the most valuable tools that can be used to help prevent vandalism, theft, and other unlawful actions, while also providing valuable evidence in case of incidents. Government facilities utilize these in a variety of ways due to the technology enhancements over recent years. CCTV cameras play a vital role in enhancing the safety of the public, these cameras are often used in the legal industry for several reasons, including enhanced security, deterring criminal activities, monitoring public spaces, and aiding in investigations. Specific to this industry, we offer remote cameras, solar panels, and security cameras with license plate recognition.

Door Access

In the public sector industry, information is very critical; and we want to make sure we keep access to certain parts of your industry safe. Door access offers enhanced security, access control, and operational efficiency. Our door access products allow for police, government, and everything under the public sector umbrella to restrict access to authorized personnel which minimizes the risk of unauthorized entry. Minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry ensures the safety of sensitive information and facilities. The benefits of door access within the public sector industry are extremely valuable as they provide audit trails and reporting.


Intercoms play a vital role in the public sector industry because of their ability to enable effective communication within various facilities such as government, offices, hospitals, schools, and public transportation. Intercoms provide seamless communication and enhance security by being able to provide quick announcements during an emergency, this is crucial for the public sector industry because maintaining safety, managing crowds, and responding to incidents are priorities.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition technology offers efficiency, accuracy, and convenience in various aspects of public sector operations. LPR gives the public sector industry the ability to classify vehicles by form factor (car, van, truck, etc.), color, direction of travel, and tailgating. This is incredibly useful information because in case of emergency, law enforcement needs to identify the type of vehicle involved in an incident or crime.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling is important to the public sector industry because reliable communication is needed for government agencies, emergency services, education, and overall function efficiently. The public sector industry relies on a variety of technologies, like surveillance cameras. Structured cabling is designed to integrate with diverse technologies and devices!

Our Level of Service

We are available 24/7 to our contract clients!

The public sector industry benefits from continuous IT support because it improves system reliability, enhances cybersecurity by monitoring, and in case of emergency Realnets can assist in maintaining services without interruption.

We Help You with Our Public Sector Emergency Services!

  • Equipment Damage / Loss / Restoration / Replacement
  • Network Outages
  • Cloud Outages
  • Sever Crash, Switch, and Server Failure
  • Data Loss, RAID Failures
  • Virtualization Failures


Benefits of Realnets

Public Sector IT Specialists

Our team has the knowledge and strategies needed to maximize your tech investments so you can be more effective.

  • Data Backup
    Go beyond industry standard practices for the highest level of security & data integrity.
  • Tech Support
    Proper maintenance can help avoid data loss & downtime.
  • Network Monitoring & Support
    Revamp an existing network & keep it running properly.
  • Data Center Operations
    Keep your data in a secure & compliant environment.
  • Virtualization Services
    Create a more flexible network that’s ready to grow with you.
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting
    A cost-effective way to protect the security & integrity of your communications environment.

Whatever you’re needs are, we can work together to build a system that respects your budget, requirements, and improves your day to day workflow.

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By implementing these services and products, the public sector industry can demonstrate a commitment to innovative and modern technology solutions and a proactive approach to keeping important resources, assets and personnel safe. 

Lets get to work.

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