We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Monnit, a leader in the design and manufacturing of self-installed, low-cost wireless sensor solutions for commercial and industrial markets.  Through the use of Monnit sensors, our clients will be able to remotely monitor over 60 variables, including temperature, motion, humidity, vibration, and more. Monnit products are fully tested for use anywhere in the world so that you have access to more data anytime through affordable, user-friendly business monitoring solutions that are FCC, IC, and CE compliant.  

We believe that every business should benefit from the use of Internet of Things in their business with the latest, innovative, cutting-edge products, and that’s why our team is excited to pair our clients with Monnit solutions.  Monnit brings products and services to the table that help businesses connect, monitor, and control machines and other applications within their given environment. Their background in technology creation, manufacturing, marketing and sales have forged their unparalleled talents and skills that are needed to solidify a strong foundation and presence within the industry that easily translates into business security for the user.  

Through this partnership, we’re able to bring industry veterans, creative experts, and IOT Technology enthusiasts to you, our clients, who are dedicated to providing the best products and services available.  With state-of-the-art sensors, gateways, software and more, Monnit solutions are able to reach and improve the overall management of your systems, spanning all industries, from food service, to commercial refrigeration, to manufacturing, to HVAC, to hospitality, to commercial and residential properties, to medical facilities, data centers and beyond.   

Monnit wireless sensor solutions gives your business the ability to remotely monitor the various aspects of your day-to-day business happenings and environment through online connected devices.  Their tech carefully monitors any and all fluctuations so that you can stay focused on meeting your business goals and not on the tedious task of predicting and minute-by-minute following of environment oversight.  Their products offer a complete sensing, data tracking, and alerting solution that has been tried and tested in some of the most demanding industries.  

With the use of Monnit products, you will be able to monitor such things as refrigeration temperatures, plumbing, door and window openings, lights, electrical use, etc., all through iMonnit alerts that can be sent via Text and email.  This means that when something within your business’ environment changes, you are notified immediately, thus having the assurance that optimal operations are maintained at all times.   

Our partnership with Monnit brings so many incredible benefits to you and your business.  Through their remote, wireless monitoring capabilities, you get the assurance of an easy setup and user friendly interfaces, access to multiple sensor types with exceptional wireless range, products and services that are high quality at low cost, global reach, and systems with an extended lifespan.  Some of the cutting-edge products Monnit provides include:

  • Sensors:  Including wireless temperature sensors, wireless air quality PM meters, wireless carbon dioxide gas sensors, wireless humidity sensors, wireless water detect sensors, wireless open-closed sensors, wireless infrared motion sensors, wireless carbon monoxide gas sensors, wireless voltage meters, wireless AC current meters, wireless light meters, wireless activity detection sensors
  • Gateways: Including Monnit 4G LTE CAT-M1 cellular gateway, Ethernet gateway 4, cellular gateways, 3G cellular gateways, wireless sensor adapter, serial Modbus gateway
  • Software:  Including iMonnit Premiere, iMonnit Basic, iMonnit Enterprise, Monnit Mine, iMonnit Notification Credits 100 Pack, iMonnit Express
  • Accessories:  Including wireless range extenders, wireless control, wireless serial data bridges, wireless local alerts, thermostats

At Realnets, our goal is to give your business the tools that it needs to stay ahead of your competition.  Monnit wireless remote monitoring products and services can help you do just that. They bring your business the opportunity to stay on top of the game with low cost systems and solutions, proven quality and reliability, and an experienced development team of industry-leading experts.  Together, we will work to help ensure that your business is able to properly oversee and manage all of your systems and environments so that you can stay focused on the task at hand – consistently meeting and surpassing your bottom line.